How should i smoke last of my stash tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by bp4er, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Ok blades, i have about .7-.8 of bud left. it's a salad, like .3 of some skunk, .3 of some Casey Jones, and about .2-.3 of G13. Now since its the last of my stash i want to get super baked off of it rather than jus the average daily high (i say average cuz i usually only take 3 bong snaps (not bowls but one hitters) and im done, and so im gona smoke all .7-.8 (roughly) and i wana know, should I-

    -load up my glass chillum and my mini zong,

    -or should i roll 1 fat joint and jus leave enough out for a bong hit befor ei go smoke the joint?

    Joints are my absolute fav way of smoking, but i have to smoke outside and i hate that its always windy where i live cuz i like doin smoke tricks which i cant do when its windy.

    -OR lastly, i have a 2 liter pink lemonade bottle that i can make a waterfall bong with that i think would really fuck me up.

    anyway blades, comes down to this:

    - smoke it all tonight in a j, chillum, or mini zong and get bllaaasstted

    - or smoke a couple bowls tonight and save a couple bowls tomorrow?

    im really having a hard time deciding so i thought id ask for opinions, so lets hear em:smoking:
  2. Roll a fat joint, trap yourself inside your blanket making sure there is no passage way for air to come in, hotbox your blanket, achieve a really strong high.
  3. Dude,

    A.) Waterfall that all tonight. You will never reach such a greater state of trashed than this.
    B.) Still using the waterfall, but be conservative. Since you're used to using it, you know the power of it's conservation.
  4. Ya, because im sure he loves oxygen deprivation and inhaling recycled smoke full of carbon monoxide.

    That sounds fun.

  5. No need to be an ass about it... Don't knock it till you try it man.

  6. actually i really like the idea, i could go outside and do it so i would still be able to do smoke tricks, but then what do i do with the blanket that reeks of major no-no's cuz i cant bring it back in my mommas house ;)

    haha but i appreciate the replies everybody, im still waiting for more replies to decide cuz i really cant decide. i LOVE joints-as i said, my absolute fav way to medicate, but since its the last of my bud i want the most out of it cuz i quit my job and have 0 money for more anytime soon :/

    P.S. - at least a FEW smoke tricks is a must for me during a session, SO if i dont go with the joint i can sit in my garage and use my chillum to do smoke tricks and sploof the smoke out the window as well. SO MUCH TO THINK OF, AHH!! :rolleyes:
  7. well, miraculously its almost completely windless outside. so if it keeps up, i think i will start it off with a waterfall hit then finish it off with a joint out under the stars in my front yard (i live in a pretty secluded area, so its safe) i feel that smoking outside will open my min dup more to my surroundings better than being surrounded by four walls, and make for an over all better session. or maybe il take a waterfall hit, a few bongs and roll a pinner j. idk this is so hard to decide

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