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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by mentos, Nov 6, 2003.

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  1. hi, i sent some requests through the support but haven\'t gotten a response, but i dont think that they are going through because they aren\'t showing up on the overview. I ordered a bubbler and was sent the wrong one so i got a response to my first request and it said to order something else for the same price. Should i just order it normally through the shop and not be billed?
    Thank you
  2. Try

    Give them all of your information in the email. I\'ll also let the owner know that you have some questions.

  3. I don\'t think my emails are getting through either because i haven\'t gotten a response and a couple of my earlier emails were never responded to. On my first request, which was the only one replied to, simon bannick said that a lot of the emails were infected, so i dont know what to do.

  4. Infected?????? That reply has for sure has not came from him, I canassure you of that, I will look art your problem !

  5. Really? this is a copy of the request -

    I received the wrong bubbler
    Delivery (Order#: 023498)

    I ordered an inside out bubbler a long time ago and i was sent the wrong one. My order # is 023498. I received it on Monday, October 20. I\'m starting to think that i am being ripped off because i have been emailing the support but i haven\'t gotten an email back and the one that was sent to me is just like it accept mine was suppose to have a dichro bubble and a blue carb. This one is cheaper and has no dichro bubble but has a little clear and turqoise loop and the carb is not blue. I would like a response so i could get it replaced or get my money back.

    Dear Terry Tabata,

    Please don\'t feel ripped off. I don\'t know why your previous mail has not been answered by us. I can\'t find it. Maybe it is filtered out as we receive 1000+ infected emails.
    Nevertheless I\'ve found out what went wrong. The item you ordered is no longer available as the glassblower stopped producing his masterpieces. You have been one of the last persons who ordered this item and therefor received automatically a replacement without notification.
    As the fault is on our side I would propose you to search for another piece of approximately the same price as the item you ordered. As excuse for your inconvenience you can keep the item you received allready.
    As this is the first complaint on this item (as we no longer have it) i will get it removed from our website tomorrow.

    Kind regards,

    Simon Bannink
    Sales Department

  6. Sorry, than I must be wrong, I ask Simon to fill me in, nothing to worry about!


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