How should I maximize my yields given this space?

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  1. Hello!

    Before I begin, Id like to share the fact that I have done my best to research what I can, but many communities leave head-scratching answers, and many forums are simply paid promotions for terrible products.. So I've come to the real experts.

    My number one priority is discretion, I would rather grow a gram and not be caught than a pound and be busted by a landlord or something of the like. (I rent an apartment and We haven't had any visits in over a year so not worried about that) My second priority is maximizing yield. As should everyones! This is my first time growing aswell.

    The good news is, I have around $2500 to spend, and that seems to be more than enough to get potentially even a top of the line setup, especially if I build and assemble myself.

    I almost ordered a super cabinet till I realized the videos felt more like made-up gibberish and they sponsor so many reviews. While looking at grow-tents, I realized smell and lighting can be issues. So here are a few questions I have yet to find answers for.

    Should I be looking at cabinets or tents?
    How much can I expect to yield if I build myself a $2500 cabinet?
    Given your solution, what would you expect yields wise from an amateur vs pro with that space?

    The closet I have to work in, shall I go with tents, will only fit up to a 3x3. Or 9 sqft. And the largest cabinet I can find is 48 by 24, by 74 inches. Which is just a tad smaller than the closet space.

    I have read so many guides, tutorials, reviews, and they all seem confusing. All parts are not created equally, what rockin lamps have you used and recommend? or other parts that seem to do really well?

    Ill be replying as soon as I can, Thanks

    Edit: Electricity is not an Issue. :)
  2. If i were you I'd get a tent because they're easily taken down and put up. Not to metniton they already have intake/ehaust places and are already lined with Mylar, and they're real cheap (mine was $50). Get a carbon air filter and you will have no problems with smell (mine was less than $100). You want to get a good light, don't skimp there like I did, that's what will help you get great yields above all else, that and good seed genetics. With that budget, you absolutely can get an amazing setup AND amazing genes and you'll still be able to buy a round. I think my setup cost about $1,000. The size of the space doesn't matter as much as the lights wattage, genetics, and whether or not you do some training for your plants.
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  3. I'm sure I could save a ton of money that way. Do you rotate out with clones post harvest? I've read some of the cons to the tents, but the cost and easy maneuverability makes it attractive. i've also read that you cant have too much light. (Given you keep the temp down) Should I opt for one or multiple 1200w lights?
  4. I don't clone (yet) mainly because I'm still relatively new to it all. If your space is 3x3 or around that you'd just need one 1200W light. My light is a "1,000W" LED but I kinda got fucked via marketing it's actually more like 180W but thats still enough for my 3x3 tent. I think the biggest concern to be had with tents is light leaks, just gotta make sure the velcro is 100% flush together and closed off which isn't hard. But alas, you'll find many a people bitching and moaning about it. (Buuuut a lot of people just misuse things and blame the product but that's a completely different topic lololol)
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  5. 3×3 tent you can get a qp or more if you do it right. Make sure you get an extra carbon scrubber never know when your going to need it.
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  6. I'd go with 3 300 watt mars leds
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  7. hey buddy. id go with the mars lights aswell. ive got 2 of their old model 600s (had them tested and theyre 270w each) in a 1mx1m tent and theyre awesome. if you want yield id get an NFT hydro system. (about £40) its sooooo much easier than soil growing and the yields blow dwc out of the waterl. only on my second grow and im about to produce around 700g from a single auto! i study my ass off but without the nft system id be nowhere near it. hydro sounds complicated but its really just reading numbers on a stick.
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  8. oh and check what the actual wattage of the lights are before you buy. they all say 600w/1000w and whatever else but its absolute nonesense. im not sure how they get away with it. but you want 50w per square foot. so your 3x3 space requires 450w actual draw worth of blurple to be at optimum. cob lighting is arguably better but after my results with cheap blurples i dont buy into the hype.
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  9. My advice is to use the 3x3 closet for clones/seed/veg.... and either buy or construct a tent for the bloom cycle.

    If you do a it yourself from an old armoire/etc. No need to spend $2500 on a cab. You can do it far cheaper/better yourself. As a won't harvest any more from a $2500 cab than you will from a $500 cab.
    Whether noob or expert...the limiting factor for a cab is space and light. I don't care how much you know, 8 sq ft (or whatever the measurement is) will only produce >so< much bud.

    Spend some of that cash on good genetics. isn't gonna matter one iota what brand cab you have or how much it costs if you are growing bagseed or some other questionable/unknown genetics a friend found in a good sack/etc. If it were me I'd buy some CSI fems. N-specta tests his gear well....and it's all fire. Growing fems would allow you to set up/plan your grow with the number of plants you desire rather than sexing and losing all but one to the male factor/etc. (such a pisser) Check out Click Seeds .com For less than $100 you can set yourself up right for your first go of it.....and of you have luck...end up with high quality stash. (there are reg seeds on that site as well...and they are within the US/take CC's/are stealth/trustworthy cats. I've ordered multiple times from them w/no problems..including fast shipping and always answered e mails.

    good luck!
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  10. Do you pay with bit coin or credit? Just wondering I live in a state that has rec but I don't trust the feds one bit.
  11. When you buy seeds?
  12. Rec state here as well.

    I used my CC. Had no issues. Can't remember what the charge was that came through...but it sure didn't link to weed/etc. I personally just can't be that noided. I ordered for so many years from Europe and lost so many shipments to "Customs" that I just don't worry about any of it anymore.

    In the end, the guys shipping the seeds don't want to be detected as I trust that they will cover their own ass at the same time they cover mine.

    good luck!
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  13. If i had that budget id make one hell of a badass cabinet myself, with all the good stuff.
    Id get a big armoire off craigslist or something and make it super stealthy.
  14. Sounds like the plan for me! I've been looking at NYC hydro systems, is there in all in one kit I can get somewhere? Or is usually a DIY sort of thing? Thanks for the helpful advice!
  15. depends how many plants you want to do mate. if youd ratger just have one massive plant then you can get an NFT wich comes with a pump and all the bits needed for around £40. an extra airpump and stone costs another £20 then thats it. i order my stuff from 'one stop hydro grow shop uk" always fast and discreet with everything intact :)
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