How should i manage my cash?

Discussion in 'General' started by carbacious, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. i get 40 bucks a week for "gas only" and then 20 bucks on the weekend if im lucky. how should i distribute the money for gas, weed, and maybe some for food? my car gets 25 mpg.
  2. Dont tell me your parents give you gas money
    Or is that job money you are talking about :confused:
  3. parentsss! i have a job but its seasonal (from Jan-June)
  4. Don't smoke and drive? Save gas for necessities ($15), Pack dank ass lunches or eat at home ($10), get a medical card and buy an eighth. Problem solved champ. solid shit every week lol.
  5. thats a good idea. i need help on how much to spend on what though, i usually have pretty good lunches so i wouldn't totally need food. mostly gas and weed, i think a 20 sack can last me a full week
  6. Use your gas money to drive to work. Just let your parents know that's what you are doing so your funds don't stop.
  7. fuck buyin food bro, that adds up fast... buy a few meals and you can easily fuck your budget in the ass. walk if you can to, if the shop is a 5minute drive, just walk it.... it might take 30minutes to walk but you will get excersize and might be able to buy even more bud :)
  8. 20 into tank, 20 for bud, 20 for weekend save over or spend for occasion
  9. if you are still getting an allowance, you are probably too young for weed and for grass city.
  10. lol allowance

  11. were you papa smurf??

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  12. here's the approach i would take to determining optimal cash management for your situation.
    we'll ignore the question of food for now but it would be easy enough to add in at the last step.

    figure out how far you drive each week. we can't do that for you.

    take that number, divide by 25. that's the number of gallons you use in a week.

    now take that number, and multiply by the price you pay for each gallon of gas. thats how much you should spend on gas each/that week.

    subtract that amount from 40 or 60, depending on what you got that week. that's your weed budget.
  13. The only way to budget is to know exactly how much you need for each thing.

    Just figure it out - how much gas do you use a week? put that aside for gas
    how much do u spend on whatever else? put that aside

    make an excel spreadsheet too or something - I did that when i was 18 and I've been using the same spreadsheet for like.. 11 years now... I ALWAYS know exactly how much money i have to spend on shit that's not included in my budget.. and EVERYTHING important is on my budget... rent, credit cards, bills, car, etc..
  14. Honestly if I were earning that little I probably wouldn't even Cheef. Save ur money for 3 weeks nd buy a zone of midst imo
  15. it made me giggle a little.. lol... thanks for the rep smurf! i heard you are a blade to learn from. cheers!!

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