How should I handle this?

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  1. I've been single for a month now and I finally started getting back out there. I met a girl at my new job and everything was going great and at the end of my shift I got her number. I flirted a few days but when I asked if she wants to hang out I keep getting maybe. So I told my buddy about her and then this morning he's like I did something bad. Apparently she came over and he ended up sleeping with her. I had almost given up but this still pissed me off. And I go into work tomorrow with her and I'm not sure how to handle this. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  2. just drop her and move on dude, be grateful you didn't get really attached to her. lets say it all goes great and you two end up in a relationship, it's always gonna be hanging over your head
  3. she is a bit lose (slutty) and you missed out on the free sample he was there to get...
    pat him on the back and just be friendly to her...if she wants to give you a 'sample' some day, acting a fool now won't get ya there.
  4. That's about where I'm at with it. I pretty much gave up and met someone else a few days ago.

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  5. The weird thing is she's only been with one guy before......well I guess two now

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  6. I look at it this way. Flip roles and tell me that you wouldn't fuck one of her friends if you knew it was a sure thing.
    I'd kick my buddy's ass if he tapped something I was pursuing and didn't even bother to give me a heads up he was trying to, but then again my buddys would never do that.
  7. Dude don't fall in love so fast.  You never even hung out with the chick and you are upset she slept with someone else? Pfffft.  Girls hate insecurity and love confidence.
    Just be casual about it at work.  Act like nothing happened because NOTHING DID HAPPEN.... at least nothing involving you.
     If you used to like her you can still like her.  My advice just be acquaintances with many females.  Keep her as a friend/acquaintance don't treat her any different maybe one day she will come around?  If not oh well she probably has friends that you might meet one day..... but not if you act like a douche.
    Take from a self proclaimed mack on the internet hahahah.  
  8. Im not that pissed cause I'd told him I met someone else. Its just he didn't know this girl until I met her. Oh well.

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  9. Move on dude not worth drama
  10. Your buddy did you a favor. You don't wanna be with a chick like that... But you still attempt to fuck her. Just don't date her. Then you and your bro can be Eskimo Brothers.
  11. Lol who gives a fuck it's a random girl.

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  12. how the hell did she end up coming over randomly when you weren't there?  How did she have your address?  I haz the biggest confuze
  13. LOL! She came over for the dick, you wasn't there so she got if of your mate instead. Unlucky fella, better luck next time lol.
  14. your gonna have to forget about her man, let it go and just be her friend, dont make it awkward
  15. Shes gullible and your friends a fucking dick!
  16. Yea pretty much this.

    Whatever, OP found a new lady, soooooo congrats?
  17. Blast fuck that bitch and find a new sloot
  18. Dude she's just some random girl, who cares if your friend tapped it? Tell him to pass it around and get yours bro. I always donate my old bitches to the less fortunate.

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