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  1. I recently moved to Austin, TX and the first week after I had moved in, I saw a 10/10 beautiful blonde girl in the hall outside my place. She was wearing a sweater with a big pot leaf on it. I shot her a smile and complimented her on her sweater and she smiled back.

    A couple of weeks later, I was smoking a joint in my apartment at night with some friends, listening to loud music and I got a knock at my door. This girl was standing there and she smiled and complimented me on my sound system and the smell of my smoky room. She gave me her name and told me to hit her up sometime as she lives down the hall.

    It has been 3 days since she knocked. I went and knocked on her door last night but her roommate answered and told me she was taking a shower so I left. What is my next course of action? Should I try again tonight?

    I work on the weekdays so I can only try to hit her up after 9:30pm. Should I go for it or is that a strange hour to hit her up and invite her to my place since I really don't know her?
  2. Pics of 10/10 hbb in a pot sweater or she's not real.
  3. Nah thats plenty early, depending what she does gor work. Maybe invite her over for a glass of wine. Bitches love wine.
    A wine and a joint. Otta do the trick
  4. Word that actually sounds like a dope idea. I'll wait for Friday and try it
  5. first off, welcome to Austin!
    As for your problem, yes now is the time to start hanging out with this girl. There is obviously some mutual interest there namely weed. Even if shes not interested in you romantically you should still become neighbor friends and odds are she has hot friends that she could hook you up with.

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    This is actually similar to how I met my husband, neighbours and weed lol   Just invite her over to smoke one if she is into it, make sure your place doesn't look like a shit hole because if she is anything like me and she is into you, she is going to be checking out your place when you invite her in. Does he live like a slob? Does he have toilet paper in his bathroom? Is there porn everywhere? Basically, warning signs that might say "Hey, this guy is still a kid/ has problems".  So just hide the shit you don't want her to see, tidy things up, maybe have some tasty beverages in your fridge so if she does come over to smoke, you actually have something to offer her besides tap water or beer.  Thats a classy move. 
    After that, just be yourself, be charming, and don't be rapey. If she likes you, things should progress relatively easily after that :)
  7. I am going say she might have plans for Friday night this weekend being Halloween over on 6th st..Welcome to the Austin area..
  8. Word word. Sounds like great advice! I don't know how busy she will actually be on friday as she and I are both new to Austin and she seemed to not have anything to do last weekend when she came knocking
  9. Yeah dude totally try her again! Don't let this slip away
    Yeah dude totally try again
  10. Why didn't you invite her in?
  11. One of my biggest regrets of the last week... Although I was, at that point, pretty damn stoned and drunk and I had some guys over that were equally fucked up and that I rather would have had them not be there
  12. Good luck if you can get her tonight its just Halloween is a big party night and this year being friday.
  13. Plus all the parties this year due to the F1 race..she also could be working
  14. Well...hopefully not. If she is busy I'll just try again tomorrow
  15. green light. i don't know what you expect from her...
    just talk to her you're already in..
    she came to your door...
    what you wanted her to be naked?
    some things you just can't be told man... 
  16. Wonder how it went?
  17. I ended up drunk af at a friend's house a little bit too early in the day and never made it back to my apartment complex until now. Halloween here is dope!
    I'll go for it today
  18. Make sure you have decent weed if you plan on smoking with her, nothing like seeds and stems to ruin your game. Also, if her room mate answers, leave a note for her. Verbal messages don't always get passed along, and a note is more likely to get across. Just put your name and roomnumber and tell her to drop by some time. Take pen and paper and write it out on the scene, or it'll look a bit strange/stalkerish. And be nice to the room mate, or she'll make your life hell. Good luck :D
  19. If she really is a 10/10 (which is very rare), she probably has the hot girl mentality. You know, the 3000 Instagram followers type girl. So, use the cat string theory. She can have any guy, but she'll want the one she can't have. Make that you op.

    May Cthulhu be with you.

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