How should I get high?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchickMEL, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Tuesday at around 3pm, I'll be able to get high, for the first time in about 3 weeks. So how should I do it? Joints, blunts, bowl? I don't have a bong, sorry. Should it just be me and my bf? Friends over? What should we watch or listen to?

    Be imaginitive!

  2. friends



    see if u can get a hooka

    cause nothing beats a hooka
  3. At first, I thought you meant hooker. Hahaha, well....maybe?

    None of my friends have hookas, but I do enjoy them. Maybe I will buy one sometime...
  4. alright here's what you do: seeing as how you don't have access to a bong, 1. roll a fat as blunt for you and your bf, 2. smoke said blunt, 3. go hit up your local pizza buffet (i was thinking cici's if you got it). i can't think of anything i'd rather do after not smoking for 3 weeks
  5. pizza sounds good. There's a CiCis within about 20 miles or so of my house. BUT....i got laid-off and he makes close to nothing, so I really don't think we have the money.

    Good idea though.
  6. Id probablly say...

  7. Well, no shit.
  8. Well being a heavy smoker,i have a very high tolerance..
    when i dont smoke herb for even 2 days i get so high when
    i smoke after that period. so three weeks seems like an
    eternity to me, meaning you may feel a little anxious
    when you smoke and your heart bould start to beat fast.
    personally when i feel anxious i smoke with only
    my girlfriend at our house, makes it more comfortable.
    other wise i love a small group of friends.

    Tunes i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Jah Roots,
    you can find some of their jams on myspace music.
    Aswell as SOJA , best song from their "peace in a time of war".

    also when i smoke its not a short session,
    so sometimes i get bored, so i keep the lap top handy..(smoking now) :bongin:
    if no bong, i recommend a bowl, i used to love blunts and j's
    but i feel they waste to much herb. and destroy the taste (mainly blunts)

    have fun! SLK

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