How should I flush my hydro garden??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gdsense2000, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Here's the scoop on my garden...

    I built half of my garden with 3 pvc pipes with plant sites every 12 inches. Right now I've got about 30 plants at different ages. These plants are thriving, using a drip system of General Hydroponics nutes. I actually have some potted in soil, and they are nowhere near the size of the hydro plants. They are doing very well, so are the roots. The roots are all intertwined running up and down the entire length of the PVC. We're are talking a huge mass of intertwined, healthy roots. Some plants are 7 weeks old while others are 4-5 weeks old. The big question do I flush my older plants. Harvest is just around the corner for several of them, and I understand the need to flush. However, I can't flush them without inevitably flushing the younger plants and in return depriving the young ones from the nutes that they need.

    Idea: i was thinking about removing the older plants by just cutting the roots, and then move them into a bubble/spray system in a dark closet. I assume this will work.

    Any thoughts on this. Will cutting the plants away from the root mass work? Will they survive another few days in a dark closet while i flush them? Will cutting the roots kill them?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Dude first off, learn how to write. We're are talking a huge mass..."

    It should read, "We are talking about a huge mass..."

    After this than we can get on with your discussion.

    @ weeks before you harvest is when you should flush your plants. All this means is to place clean water into your resevoir.
  3. Hey Charon, get a life fool. You knew exactly what I was trying to say. Lay off the fucking pipe you adolescent, poser idiot. Go back and read my post again. I know what flushing is. I am looking for advice on my specific situation.

    Seriously dude, why even post when you've got nothing to say. Moron.

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