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How should i end my "relationship" with my dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MadDroIngo, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. This guy is a cool guy I guess but he sells me dirt weed and I think he is ripping me off because he knows im a novice. I gave him 20 dollars for a baggie about the length of an index finger and the width of a thumb, it was ok but my cousin said it was old stuff he just threw together in a bag for me. also I once paid him 5 dollars for a pack of rolling paper but the pack only had two papers in it.
  2. if your un happy then stop calling him. hell get the point and there no need to give him 2 weeks notice.
  3. I go to school with him and he always asks me when I'll need more. So I just say Im set for now but he wont stop asking.
  4. Uhm, well maybe you should confront him ''nicely'' about it. Tell him, your not stupid and you realise what he's doing. and 5 bux for 2 papers? damn man.
  5. Why would you pay 5 bucks for rolling papers instead of walking to the store to buy them cheaper UNLESS you are underage
  6. sounds like a junior high hookup and how old r you?
  7. Well he obviously bought the papers because he is underage. I'd just straight up tell him, you're sick of his shit. What's he going to do, beat you up? Not likely if he's a weed dealer, they tend to be scrawny little shits.
  8. does he have good weed, but only sells you schwag? if so, try sticking it out for a while. use more "advanced" terms, ask to smell the weed and such. in general, just try to look knowledgable (even if you arent). i know plenty of dealers who have started out lame like that, but once they recognize that they have a customer who will come back time and time again, they usually give better deals (and better weed, if they have it).

    theres also the chance that he's just an asshole. the $5 for 2 papers IS pretty lame.
  9. just tell him you got someone that gives better weed for cheap and thats that. no need to explain more. just keep tell him you dont like his weed and you wont be back for more.
  10. Well, first off, you're obviously underage if you're buying papers from your dealer for 5 bucks. Secondly, tell him you found a connect with better shit. He's bound to either respect that or give you a better deal or product.
  11. Just tell him you got a better connect, he doesn't deserve your fucking money if he's ripping you off like that.
  12. "nah im straight"

    lather rinse repeat it aint rocket science
  13. "I only smoke dank now, homes."

    and you must be this tall (18) to ride this ride (post here).
  14. Be honest with him, or tell him not to ask you if "you need some?"
  15. u could lie and tell him u had to quit/chill wit smokin due to w/e reason
  16. Honesty is the best policy, just tell him straight up and try not to be rude, which wouldbe kind of hard when he has shitty weed. Tell him you're looking for some dank shit and only to ask if you wanna buy when he has some plump sticky green nuggets
  17. It's fairly easy to just make something up. I mean like GranDaddy said, just tell the dude you quit. And if you're going to continue smoking and purchasing the fine herb, I would suggest stepping up your game on it, otherwise you're going to end up with the same dealer with a different name.
  18. straight up tell him that you dont want his shitty weed anymore.
  19. "Nah man I'm good right now, lemme know when you get some good chronic."

    And even though your underage, there's no reason to get ripped off that much on a pack of papers, their like $1.25 for a pack, wait outside a gas station and give him 2 or 3$ and tell him to keep the change, not hard.
  20. I wouldn't say you are quiting as an excuse to quit buying from him if your actually not planning on quiting cuz if you just start to buy from another dealer he will more then likely figure out about it. Just fade him out you don't need to tell him. More then likely he will understand why you stopped buying from him and then he will realize he was an asshat for selling you 2 rolling papers for 5 dollars

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