How should I cover up the smell of 2OZ in my bedroom?

Discussion in 'General' started by Silk Road, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. I'm not talking about the smell of smoke, I'm talking about the smell of the weed itself. Any ideas? It's all in dimebags, the dimebags are in a sandwich bag ,the sandwich bag is wrapped in an even bigger bag and the even bigger bad is in a box in a drawer on the corner of the room and it still wreaks.
  2. coffee grounds
  3. Who are you hiding the smell from?
  4. Put it all in a glass mason jar
  5. Your weed is bagged into 112 dime bags? Wtf lol
  6. Does it make a difference?
  7. I don't do fins. (.5)
  8. Get a legit thermos. I assume you're chopping. They're easy to open and you can hold lots of dimes in it

  9. Eyy. I'm from the west side of Toronto too, if you ever need dat, I got the good shit in good counts.
  10. contain conceal and cover
    utilize a very well sealed container(product in multiple zip lock bags and keep those bags in a good air tight jar)
    Keep this jar stashed in the best hiding place you can find, preferably in a place with little air flow into your affected area.
    Employ strong smelling masking agents. Fbreeze frequently, smoke tobacco, burn the scented candles for the mood lighting or cook bacon 24/7.
  11. What are they doing inside a dimebags unless you planning to sell. If youre selling, im reporting you to the police. jk jk lol:laughing:
  12. You always need to measure the correct dosage of cannabis before you combust and inhale the psychoactive residues. 1 gram is a good dosage amount. Clearly your new to smoking herb. When I got got my qp it was strait to the gram baggies. I always pre-way my dosages. I sugest you do the same.
  13. I got my nose blown off in a freak accident so yeah it does...

    Not really

  14. Obviously, don't want to overdose on that devil weed. I know a man who overdosed on three marijuanas.
  15. get some of those vacuum sealed jars

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