How should i ask my neighbor if i could use his wifi?

Discussion in 'General' started by MASTERofGANJA, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. My neighbor has wifi but its protected by WPA2 and I don't have the time to hack into it so what would be the best way to ask? Anybody else had experiences with this?
  2. Be straightforward? Not that hard. Definitely don't hack like a pussy
  3. Hey (neighbor) I don't have access to using the web at the moment, is it possible to use your wifi?

    Seriously what is so fucking hard about that.
  4. Asking is another word for being a pussy. Hack that shit.
  5. Offer to split the bill. I once split a WiFi bill with 4 apartments in one bldg. It was awesome.
  6. If he disagrees say you'll smoke him out
  7. when in doubt, hack it
  8. just ask if you can use it and tell him if he doesnt let you youll just hack it anyway
  9. Thats why I mac addrrss cintroll mine. If your not on the list you dont get in
  10. smoke him out first
  11. I'd tell you no if you were my neighbor. I pay $39.99/mo for 30mbs.. that shits expensive
  12. Ditto. And odds r he'll wanna game or pirate shit and hog all 30mb
  13. Why not ask him to let you shower there too? Help yourself to his leftover pizza in the fridge while you're at it. Kramer ass lookin OP....
  14. I'm just going to ask him if I give him 10 bucks a month to use it to not be a complete asshole, unless anyone knows how to get free Internet somehow??
  15. Buy him a six pack and ask him

  16. $10 a month seems a little low compared to the average internet bill. :p
  17. If we knew how to get free internet we wouldnt be pay $40-$50 a month.

    Hate to tell ya, but any way to get 'free' any utility (internet, cable, power,) is illegal as hell.

    Why not just fork out the cash for internet? Not to are on the internet right now.
  18. Just simply ask.. Be straight forward about it, ya gotta 50-50 chance
  19. i hack my neighbors

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