How should I ask my bro to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by rhinoceros420, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. My brother doesnt smoke but he tells me hes been offered by some of his friends and he just says no.

    I have wanted to blaze with him for some time now but I dont know how to go about asking him. He knows I smoke or at least tried marijuana but I dont think he knows I smoke heavily.

    Thanks GC!
  2. Don't ask, just tell.
  3. Offer to smoke him out, but don't push him at all. If he says no say alright and end it. Alot of people know it's not a bad thing, but its just their thing. Get high around him and show him its not as bad or mind altering as some people make it seem
  4. I'd take a hit and start slinging shit around and flopping on the floor just to fuck with him. Really hard.
  5. Do something foolish to get him going .. like ask "How come it smells like weed?" when your around him see what his reaction is. If he is like "NOOO IT WASN'T ME.. I DONT DO THAT .. etc." Don't even waste your time. If he's chill about change the topic from you smelling weed to HIS opinions on weed. Then eventually ask pop the Question.
  6. If he is curious about it he would probably prefer smoking with you his first time. He might not want to smoke his first time with other people, but he'll feel more comfortable with you. Just ask him, but don't push him.
  7. Ask him.

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