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  1. So I like this girl, Graduated last year with her. I talked to her sometimes but not too much. I'm friends with her but cant really remember hanging out too much with her outside school. Never alone either. I dont have her number, only way to talk to her is facebook.

    What should I say to her to start? b/c I feel like it will be random if I just messaged her asking to do something. She is good friends with my best friends girlfriend also if that helps.

    Nervous, got rejected with the last girl I liked and that kinda sucked.
  2. Id try to work somethin through the best friend if I were you. Have his girl invite her over next time theres a few of you chillin. Facebook stalkin is lame.
  3. Your friends girlfriend is probably the best bet. Dont let fearing rejection stop you. I used to not try and spit game at girls i didnt know at parties/bar/etc because i feared rejection. Luckily some of my friends forced me to try, and i realized that it wasnt that hard, and that there was nothing to be afraid of.

    What my friends said that changed me was something along the lines of(while at a party) "Just go talk to some girls and give yourself a chance to succeed. When you succeed awesome, but even when you dont you are in a better position than if you would had stayed here wishing you had the balls to talk to them. Atleast you got experience that might help you in the future." Well i listened and ill tell you that by the end of the night i had 5 or so numbers from pretty good looking girls, and only a few rejections.

    Morale of the story is its better to try and fail than not try at all and fear rejection.
  4. girls love confidence man. a good door opener for someone you used to know is "ya know, I used to have a thing for you back when...." pretty much if she responds with anything accept "how about now?" your fucked though. ha ha, just be up front, you dont want to get stuck in the friend zone.

  5. Yeah this is what I was thinking, I really dont want to do anything w/ facebook b/c that is gay.

  6. great advice!:D rep+:cool:
  7. this 420 see if your friend can invite some folks over for a small party. make some brownies and get out your finest smoking equip.

    then have a good fun time with these folks, her being invited. then have regular conversation with her like if you were already good friends and be all buddy with her and super laid back. then at some point try to have a more personal conversation where not really anyone around you has any reason to interject. then ask for her number. say something like she is a nice chick and wish you could see her more often.

    so after that day, get to talking with your friend and his girl and ask about this chick. ask if she ever has said anything about you and say you like her and have a crush and that you just dont want to step on any toes with someone if she is already going out with a dude. and of course she wont be seeing anyone so ask if they can pass on a good word or something.

    i find it easy to get on a girls good side if i talk about her problems. dont straight up ask what issues she has in her life but if she brings up some fact about her parents being ass holes or some dude giving her a hard time, just act like the knight in shining armor that has the solution to her problems and speak eloquently and insightfully like you had been in that situation before and give advice that sounds easy to follow. then say you wouldnt have to worry about that with me. i know right from wrong and thats not right and you deserve better.

    you should mean it tho. not just spout the lines. you need to have conviction to it. she will be able to tell the difference between you just picking up on her and you actually giving a shit about what she has to say.

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