How should i approach this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Buck Strickland, May 15, 2011.

  1. How should I ask her to be my girlfriend? This Is my plan, I have the house to myself for like 3 days and her (and probably one of her friends) are gonna chill with me for the majority of the time and sleep here, so I was thinking that after her friend fell asleep, or while she is not there I just want to ask her to go on a walk, or just come out side and I would tell her that I really care about her and want be with her... Is this a good plan. Additional info: I have been pretty good friends for like 4-5 months known her for a year, Eat lunch together every day (with others of course) also we fonund out that we are going to bonnaroo and have agreed to share a tent the only problem with this plan is that I live in a really weird area and there Is no place to stop/go, also would it be weird to ask her after her friend falls asleep or is that a little sleazy? Also I am thinking that I will talk to her friend in advance so maybe she can help me out with whatever happens, also she is gonna be at my house for 2-3 days how soon into the stay should I ask, please help me help is much appreciated Thanks
  2. Why haven't you asked her out yet?

    This sounds very similar to my early high school social life.

  3. :laughing:

    Just fuckin ask her dude.

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