how shitty is dmt to smoke?

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  1. since its made with naptha, a paint thinner, it cant be that great
    if it burns the outsides of my lips to smoke it i can only imagine wut it does to my lungs
  2. the naptha is mostly evaporated out during the initial extraction and the rest of it goes with the recrystalization process. that being said it is slightly caustic to mucus membranes. and it stinks like burning plastic
  3. ^ nailed it.
  4. slightly caustic... what does that mean?


    looked it up...

    so this has me intrigued... what happens when you smoke dmt while being congested?
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    Smoking dmt is not only shitty to smoke because it feels like my lungs have been coated with plastic, but its also pretty damn hard to get in a good dose. I still haven't perfected smoking dmt yet...:smoking:
  6. some people have better luck with a meth pipe, than with a traditional bowl. same tech as smoking meth, gotta roll it. yeah i hear the plastic thing, but i have never found orally active DMT (except for 5Meo-DMT), and since i learned how to make it orally active i can't even find DMT. gonna have to learn how to extract it myself

  7. Dimethyltryptamine

    Does that say Naptha or paint thinner? No. Unless you fucked up, your not smoking naptha or paint thinner (or whatever acid/base you use). If you smoked naptha/paint thinner, you would be in serious trouble.

    It tastes like smoking a plastic bag with a little salt on top.
  8. I saw this on Shroomery. The guy said it was $15 at his local smoke shop. I haven't had a chance to look for one yet. He said the hits were much smoother than with a normal meth/crack pipe.


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  9. i know some speed heads that made one of those out of a water bottle and a meth pipe
  10. im an absolute neast when it comes to dmt. i find the taste completely bearable. ive blasted off more times than i can remember. ive always used a light bulb but meth pipes work amazing too.
  11. Don't know about slightly caustic but freebase DMT tends to be a PH of about 12 so it is VERY alkaline and can burn sensitive skin. You get used to the taste but I find when i smoke a quarter gram a day a few days in a row my lungs are hating me.

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