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How shit goes....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I thought you guys might get a laugh out of this.

    I'm sittin' here hittin' the bong, I've got the new Kid Rock screamin' out of my 'puter - jammin' my ass off, right? The phone rings - settin' the bong down, tryin' to pause my music..... "Hello" "Hi, this is so&so - I'm the roommother for you son's class." She's wantin to know about green snacks we'll be sendin' for St. Pattie's day, blah, blah. Buzzkill. Sometimes when I'm tokin' and jammin' I get so far away - then the phone rings. Hello, remember reality? Here I am!!

    OK maybe that's not as funny as it was originally........
  2. :p

    Well the last line made it funny ;)
  3. heh heh heh, i can think of some green snacks!
  4. LOL..been there done that, indeed huge buzzkill
    glad ya turned the jam down too, hard to talk to the room mother stoned and rockin.
    my babes loooves the kid.yea yea ima bad bad momma but she loves to rock
    poor lil thing waits for our half hour of BET rap everynite....tis how i get my excersize

  5. Muh honey got me a kickass set of phones for Valentines Day. I put them on and tune out the world.

    The 10 yr. old immediately notices this and walks up behind me, close..........DAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate reality snaps. 'Specially when you come close to giving yer youngun a black eye just out of reaction!!!
  6. NO!!! its all good, but thats exactly why i dont answer the phone!!
  7. Yeah I got a green sack sittin next to me waitin to be smoked.. :smoke: :D
  8. Yeah, or the opposite... Your the kid, and you're smoking in your room, chilling out to music, and your mom walks in! What a buzzkill... Oh well, Now that I'm older, I may indeed understand the reverse end in the not too distant future!

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