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How severely is your tolerance affected by frequency of use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jjassonn, Aug 3, 2011.

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    - For how long have you smoked? How long on a regular basis?
    - What happens for you if you smoke once a week? A few times a week? Daily? Multiple times daily?
    - Do you think you probably over-smoke a lot, that is, smoke past the point of getting any benefit from it? Or, do you hold the philosophy that less is more with regard to getting maximally high the most often given the fact of tolerance's existence?
    - What is currently your preferred frequency? Frequent use with relatively less satisfying highs, or relatively infrequent use with relative better satisfying highs?
    - Did you get high your first time, or did it take two or more attempts?

    I think the last question might be pretty interesting if we can find a correlation between tolerance to weed and ability to get high for the first time smoking.
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    -2 years, not a regular basis, I've been usually a couple times a month to keep up with college, but before fall semester starts I've been smoking multiple times a week.
    -my tolerance rises rather fast if I smoke a couple times a week.
    -no, I smoke until I hit my highest. I conserve my weed, because I'm not exactly rolling in money.
    -I would rather have infrequent better highs.
    -I didn't get high my first time, second time I did though.
  3. 1. 3-4 years ago regular basis for a couple months since my last long t break
    2. once a week nothing, few times a week little, daily more depends how long for never tried multiple times a day
    3. I smoke a bowl I'm high 2 I'm stoned anymore just adds on
    4. Daily to a few times a week I'd rather have better highs
    5. No I was smoking shitty weed I felt a buzz I never got high for a month and a half after smoking and I was inhaling right but I got some high mids, and was alright I never got stoned until I got danks so a year after smoking I finally got stoned
  4. I think smoking every 2 and a half to three days is IDEAL. You get pretty damn high, and your highs are intense.

    Some people dont think "intense" means satisfying btw. some like mellow highs from smoking multiple times a day and these are therefor more "satisfying" although more mellow.

    of course theres always being high dall day/night@

  5. i think it has more to do with getting used to being high than it is to do with actual tolerance. i like to buy about a weeks worth of bud, smoke on it once a day (about an hour and a half before bed, then take a small 3 or so day break before picking up again each time

  6. good point. I like both highs, but I'm wondering whether the satisfying mellow high also eventually becomes less and less satisfying over time
  7. I've been worrying about my tolerance lately so this is a good thread for me.

    1. About 2 years, and I've been smoking regularly for about a year and a half with some t-breaks in there
    2. Once a week i noticed no change, a couple times a week i started to notice some change and i've just lately started multiple times a day and been building quite the tolerance. I guess I never went daily haha
    3.I think I do oversmoke sometimes, not sure how often though
    4. Currently I've let my smoking frequency slip up and I've been having more frequent less intense highs, however my philosophy up until now has been less frequent more satisfying.
    5. I got VERY high my first time

  8. It definitely does. If you are smoking 5+ times a day every single day for 6 months to a year your tolerance goes up so dramatically that you are smoking 4 to 5 bowls and could still take more if offered.
  9. What if you're only smoking in the morning and at night everyday? I guess the answer is that tolerance will grow, just less slowly

    is there a tolerance plateau, holding amount and frequency constant?
  10. You will just get to the point where you smoke a bowl and feel a slight head change for about 30-45 min and then youre pretty much sober again.

    This is when most people to turn to concentrates to get high because they are so much more powerful. The same thing will happen with them however but i dont think there would ever be a point where taking a fat dab of oil off a rig wont get you pretty damn buzzed.

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