How separate are knowledge and wisdom?

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  1. Is one merely an approximation of the other? Or is one an application of the other? Or are they one and the same?
  2. Hmm good question.
    There is knowledge that could be classified as wisdom, but is there wisdom that can be classified as knowledge? Sort of like, is wisdom a deeper knowledge?
    I spose you could be very knowledgeable about heaps of things, but not be wise at all. But if you are wise about lots of things, you kinda have to have knowledge of feel me?
  3. Knowledge:wisdom::moment:time?
  4. stop making so many threads

    back on point, Knowledge is knowing what the problem is, and Wisdom is being able to solve that problem.
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    What, are you new here or something? :p

    Interesting circular definition there.
  6. Hmmm....yeah there could be similarities there. Yeah, actually the more I think of it the more it makes sense. Is wisdom the kinda, collection of knowledge? But then there are people that know the same things as wise people, but aren't wise. So, is wisdom the collection of knowledge with..something else?hmmmmmmmm
  7. Haha yeah hes new.

    But isn't knowledge being able to solve the problem as well?
    That doesn't really work dude.
    Since when is knowing how to turn a tv on wisdom? Coz, I've got a problem - I want to watch TV but it's off. But I know the answer! I'll turn it on with the power button! ...Am I wise?
  8. Knowledge is understood information. Wisdom is the knowledge of how to use it wisely.
  9. I've always thought of knowledge as the sum of raw information that a person has acquired and is able to utilize in a particular situation.

    Wisdom, on the other hand, is the ability to see through preconceived notions and prejudices and view a thing as it truly, objectively is. For example, an average person's view of the universe is limited by their subjective perceptions, while a sage (perfectly wise person) comprehends something exactly as it is (rather than what he/she thinks or imagines it to be).

    Just my take on it, at least.
  10. wisdom = knowledge of knowledge
  11. Yeah I like this explanation. Like, rafiki is wise man
  12. I would say that knowledge is more concrete, if you know something you know something. But wisdom is more abstract, more of an understanding and ability to connect and apply what you know.
  13. wisdom is the application of knowledge?

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