How sensitive to frost is marijuana?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GordonLightfoot, Sep 27, 2010.

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    It frosted last night where my plants were and I was 2.5 hours away at school... I guess the low was 37 - 38 degrees F. My mother said that her flowers outside in pots weren't covered up and they didn't die. Is MJ more or less sensitive to the frost than flowers?

    I am just dying to know if my beautiful buds made it. I won't be able to get back to check them until Friday.
  2. I'm sure its alive but after a day or two 40 or lower it might be a little in shock and take a day or two to start growing again.
  3. They are fine...the bigger the container...or if they are in ground the more cold they can handle...but strains have a factor in this...some are sensitive to cold temps...some can take snow lol
  4. Are you certain it was frost at 37-38? It normally takes 32-34 for ice to form.
  5. Thanks Supa! Thats what I was hoping to hear.

    That was the supposed observed low. But that was also taken from the regional airport which is 15-20 miles north.
  6. Well, the real question here is when can you harvest or grab them? :smoke:
  7. U will be fine, but no more then 3 to be safe
  8. throw down some mulch. an inch of chopped/mulched leaves + an inch of hardwood mulch (like from Home depot) will do a lot to help keep the roots warm. your plants will be okay as long as it doesn't become every night. the more cold nights it sees, the more stress the plant is under to stay alive
  9. I heard recently that a frost ( prolly a light one or not to low ) can actually make your plant more resiny , thus the plant trying to protect itself ( whole purpose of it is to protect the seeds, look at seedpods on a bud )
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    Yes stress sometimes causes more resin production (from cold weather maybe). It also causes reduced yield.

    You would have a better chance indoor with uv-b
    I thinks its purpose is more along the lines of catching pollen where less is available (in dry climates life afganistan? I didn't look this up but I heard resin is also used to catch pollen.
  11. Resin is also created to hold the seeds onto the plant so that they can grow nice and ripe before falling onto the ground :)

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