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How seasoned are you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hubblybubb, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Ill start. I smoked my first ganja on my friends trampoline in the eighth grade. I graduated from high school two days ago and my usage is up to about a bowl from my vaporizer a day. I dont really smoke to get fucked up anymore... but a bowl a day makes me feel good and makes my chronic back pain a thing of the past.
    How about you?
  2. I smoked for the first time when I was was seventh grade summer going into ninth uncle got tired of me being hyper while he was watching me for the he sat me down and made me smoke a fat ass philly blunt with piss aint been clean since...I'm nineteen now will be 20 on july 28th...I've been smoking for awhile...not as long as some, but it feels like I've been smoking my whole life, because my memories of the days when I didn't smoke weed, are slowly dwindling away.
  3. Im getting bored of weed.
  4. Crack for the win! Not
  5. I don't think there is one definition to 'seasoned.'

    I smoke herb, I vape herb.
    I've grown five sprouts of geniune trainwreck, though they didn't live past 2 inches.
    I can roll joints. I can roll blunts, too.
    I've made bongs, the first time I smoked out of was homemade in fact. The Snakehunter (get it?). I Also tried making a vaporizer with a soldering iron - the prototype was a failure.
    I cook weed and revise my technique every time, my friends use me to make edibles.
    I know the most common methods of THC extraction, as well as the vaporization point and chemical nature of Delta 9 THC.
    I pack bowls, I clear hits, and I can take monster rips.
    I ordered a Purple-Days at 10 am this morning.
    I love being sober, I love the anticipation of being high. I love marijuana.

    Am I seasoned? I have been smoking 3 years come the beginning of this summer.

  6. my perception of reality is altered due to heavy marijuana use.

    i guess so then
  7. My ankle cancer is a thing of the past.
  8. Congrats on your cancer... What kind was it? What treatment did you undergo? What was your reason for using the herb in your treatment in particular and how successful was it?
  9. i'm getting there..

  10. I was retarded and had one arm. Then i smoked weed and now i have two arms. Weed healed me.
  11. are you still retarded though?
  12. Anyone who posts here is smoking for the wrong reasons. Why show off how much you smoke? This just proves that a lot of people who smoke do it for status. I dont care how long someone's been smoking as long as they're chill.
  13. Some people just like talking about it. That doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to show off.
  14. Yeah but if you bring people to your house and show them your trophies because you 'just like talking about them' people would think you were a douche bag.
  15. fuckin-a
    Being seasoned is all about the status, people want the status. It simplifies things, tells you whose good and reputable and whose not worth the time. Whether or not looking at the world like that actually gives you a logically reasoned and rationalized view? Probably not.
  16. I'm 41 and been smoking since I was 13....28 years :smoking:
  17. I wouldnt feel right smoking out a 12 year old. I still feel weird about smoking with my sister, and shes 18. It just seems so young. Anyway, I dont know how "seasoned" I am. I just enjoy a good smoke and try to help out fellow tokers in need, whether its advice or just burning a bowl.
  18. Lets see, I started learning about growing @ 15 w/ my step bro who is a breeder and now lives in the Netherlands, that was in the 70's. I stopped buying bags a year later and my last bag was an oz Lowland Columbian Red and 1/2 oz of Red Leb hash which I paid like $50 for everything.

    I started smoking a couple years before I my mother married my step bros father, so about 13, so well over 30 yrs of smoking including tolerance breaks and such.

  19. Idk what was up with him he was only 17 at the time, he was young himself so stoned immature got a lil kid high...I have to admit I'm glad he did...year later he'd admit that he wished he'd had waited a few more years before getting me high. But the first two years of me smoking I smoked EXCLUSIVELY with him...I was to scared to tell anyone else it was like my top secert thing. I didn't start buying my own weed and smoking with other people aside from my uncle until I was around 14-15 basically when I got into highschool.
  20. Take a t-break

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