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how screwed am i?

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlantis319, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hey..so I am in Iowa and last year I got a possession of paraphernalia charge. I took a deferred judgment and have been on unsupervised probation. I should have come off in December but unfortunately did not because my file from the substance abuse evaluator at the clerk of court. anyway, i got pulled over for speeding today and ended up having my car searched and my pipe and small plastic bong were found in my back pack. it is actually bull shit...he pulled me over and i immediately reached over into my glove box and grabbed my registration and insurance..he shows up and accuses me of stashing something under my seat and told me to get out of the car so he could search under the seat. while he is doing that, he finds a crumb of weed from a previous session..literally a crumb or two like in the carpet..i couldnt believe it and he tests it and its weed so he says since it is in my car it is mine, and he has the right to search my entire car. bull shit. i wonder if i can fight that he didnt have probable cause to search my car in the first place?

    anyway..i got another paraphernalia ticket today..since i was on probation still i obviously will fail that and so im wondering what kind of trouble im looking at?

    i also wonder, i have a court date about my probation march 9th, i could go in and show them i had done everything they asked, get off probation, then go to the judge on the 19th for this new ticket off probation and a clean record....hmm im gonna have to get in touch with a lawyer.
  2. ouch.. iowa cops/sherrifs are fucking DICKS!
    were you stashing away your pipe and bong as he was behind you?
  3. why did you let him search the car?
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    You're gonna have a hell of a fun time in court.. Next time you're on probation don't ride dirty.

    And it's not an illegal search, when you lean over like that it immediately gives them probable cause since you could be hiding something. Next time, wait until the cop asks for your license/registration.
  5. they might have you on camera trying to hide your shit. i dont know how easy it would be to dispute. but considering your on a differed judgement for the same thing the judge isnt going to believe you.. your pretty screwed
  6. i didnt let him search shit..he made me get out of the car

    they are cock suckers..the pipe and bong were hidden in my backpack that was on the ground in the back seat under my laundry...when he grabbed my bag i told him he couldnt search it cuz the weed was in the car, but it wasnt on me or in my stuff so he cant search my shit..he said he could -- was he right about that? i mean im sure he was but i always gotta try to get away with it

    i still wonder about trying to work out this probation thing real quick..do you think i can?
  7. You're fucked, you screwed up and not the cop.

    Stop calling it bullshit and just do what you have to. If you ever want to get your ass off probation either keep your shit at home or quit dude.

    And once they have started searching the car, you can't tell them not to search something, the exception being your trunk, and once they find something then all bets are off.
  8. yea i know im fucked..im just pissed at myself that i was that stupid...the only good thing is is that these two drug paraphernalia are the only two things on my record...even though it doesnt look good it still could be a lot worse..i just have to make sure i dont let that happen
  9. anything in that car once given probable cause is up for being searched
    i dont understand why he made you get out of the car right away like that. he's treating you as if your in the system as a 2 time convict.
  10. Should have kept that bag in the trunk.

    Sucks those crumbs got you busted.
  11. being from canada a couple of goofy crumbs on the floor and a pipe or two would entile you to a good laugh at the cops and possibly a decent breakfast in the morning if you could convince them to hold you for the night!!!
  12. yea i mean..its really shitty a few crumbs ruined my day.
  13. That does suck for sure. You should post back when you figure out whats going to happen, I'm in a similar situation.

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