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how safe is molly?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by erk4, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. so my dealer is selling molly and i really want to try it, but i bought some x from the guy before and it made me sick. Sooo im wondering is molly cut with other stuff pretty common?
  2. Hard to impossible to say. Impurities in MDMA powder can simply be the result of the synthesis, depending on the method used.
  3. if your guys sold you pills before that made you sick, then I doubt the molly is legit, it could easliy be cut with shit, if he dosent get legit rolls, then i doubt hes gettin legit molly
  4. Xanax for the win.
  5. You can cut any powdered drug, and as ms said you could have a bad chemist and that would result in impurities.

    Do some research before you purchase. Not on a forum, on your own.

    Start on Erowid and use the resources at your disposal at your local library. If all else fails google that shit.
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  7. well i mean on the side of the dealer, he definately could be a legit hookup and just had a batch of bad rolls when u got them last, no biggy. On your end he could be an asshole. On middle ground i would just ask some people who know him if theyve tried the molly yet, and if u hear good things get some. I know the last time some was around, all my friends werre saying how good it is, and how its better deal than rolls, so if its any good the word will be out. But if u dont trust dude, dont bother buying it if it could be bunk/ cut
  8. There are a lot of bad pills in the world, molly does tend to be cleaner, and like reggae said the pills could be a bad batch but thats nothing to do with your dealer nessisarily so the molly could be good.

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