how safe is it to post pictures?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by rosebud, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. i have ran across this site and i am curious if anyone in the states posts pictures? is it safe?
  2. l,ve been here since the start and never heard of anyone being busted for posting pics here.
  3. yea u shouldnt be posting nudie pictures here, that is a nono.

    anyhow that is what my PM box is for :)
  4. u have my permission to use my box

    and im from the stats and im not to worried. u can always say they they are from amsterdam
  5. blah they cant do shit for u havin a picture .. u can have as many pics as u want just if u dunt have ne physical evidence of it in ur house ... its like sayin 2 a cop i smoke weed.. they cant do ne thing unless they know u have it or parfanlia or u know have shit with u or under the influence

  6. actually yes they can.. they can trace it back... they just dont give fuck for some hippies just trying to get there smokeing on....

    but a good cleaning after a year of posting pic is good...latezz..
  7. Yeah, from what I understand the servers for this site are in
    Holland. So I don't think you'll be getting into trouble for
    posting pics.

  8. if thats you in your avatar i think you have about every guy's permission (girls too, mmmm) to use their PM box

  9. Word.
  10. I think it only matters if you plan on running for president or something.
  11. Even then, I doubt it.

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