How safe is it to buy seeds from a seed bank online?

Discussion in 'Security' started by chance9861, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. I want to purchase some good quality seeds but it seems risky because you're using a card on a website specifically for that and it's going to your house and all that, how would I be able to do it with the least amount of risk?

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  2. You could use Bitcoin (I don't)..but I have never had an issue using my own CC to purchase beans overseas..Just must notify the CC company to remove Int'l blocks for X $$ and for X number of days..Easy and for now,,safe:)
  3. Search in GC forums. too..lots more to choose from..check out the reviews to keep from being scortched;).
    I have used Bonza, TSSC, MSNL in the UK, True North in Canada, Greenpoint in Colo USA, and Seedsherenow in OR USA..No problems, good selections, good genetics..what more can I say..LOL
  4. Right now, the only seedbank that I have been successfully able to use my VISA on was TSSC. Nirvana, MSNL, AMS, and most of the other big guys (USA banks included) either can't take a card right now(a few take mastercard) or will not let you buy if your shipping address does not match your billing address... Just some things to look for... Just purchases my first batch yesterday of Single Seed with absolutely no issue. They have not arrived yet though so I cant verify them or the package but I haven't seen anyone complain about not getting theirs.
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  5. Nirvana is great with packaging. I really had to search for the seeds

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  6. I have purchased from Attitude for years with never a problem. They take visa but not mastercard.
  7. I used Bitcoin (really not difficult to setup in 10 minutes or so) through nirvana and had no problems. Like someone said the packaging is A1 it took a minute to find them. Took about 3 and half weeks from the day I ordered to receiving them.
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