how safe are these forums?

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  1. hey guys, grower here had a question about the privacy of these forums iam sure this question has been asked before but dont u "under the radar"guys like myself worry about posting pics and ip address being tracked shit like that? iam truly in love with cannabis and i feel restricted with my grows i do my best i would love to show the world what i do but i dont trust these sites "were not talking little cfl grows either" i guess i see all the pics up here and it makes me wanna "bring it" lol not being a cocky dick......but i belong in the hills of humboldt and here iam stuck in shit ass upstate NY ...... basically what iam asking is if u guys think its cool to post when ur trying to lay low....plz help:D
  2. I think you'll be fine.
  3. Called the cops on u
  4. thinking ill be fine rlly isnt a good answer sorry not being rude but jeeze i thought it was a serious question and then some lil shit says iam calling the cops wow ......terds
  5. You are going to want to use a proxy if you intend to post anything that you don't want police to ask you about.
  6. If I wasn't a legal Medical Marajuana grower, I wouldn't chance it. Bragging rights certainly aren't worth the consequences.
  7. much better thank u ...whats a proxy?
  8. Proxies are sites that hide your ip adress while using the Internet . Totally safe and keeps you hidden from unwanted visitors on your comp. Try " " that's a good one !!!
  9. Also, do not post pictures from your cell phone without removing location data. If that doesn't make sense, just take a screen shot of the picture opened in picture viewer and post that.
  10. Proxies aren't really the safest, if you're really trying to go stealth make sure to have a separate account for post incriminating evidence, always use stolen internet or hotspots(hopefully not too close to your operation). Also look into a program to spoof your MAC address, there's one called SMAC but you have to pay for it, a MAC address is like a serial number left by the hardware on you pc kinda. Hope this helps, I wouldn't really put a lot of faith in the people suggesting you take no precautions, it's your ass on the line, not theirs. At the very least I wouldn't use your own internet.
  11. I dont use any of these things, but the real question is, has anyone ever been busted and then realized it was because of this site, which is based in amsterdam, so what really is the problem here?
  12. i dont post pics of my shit either man, but where im from, its gotta be undder the radar or its illegal, i dont blame you for being sketch about posting shit, especially if there not tiny cfl grows, id be even more scurrd. ive seen some more senior members talk about this and there was a concensus about its better safe than sorry. so go with your gut. i doubt anyone really knows if its safe or not unless they have mad security on their comp.
  13. So your telling me that feds and cops are coming on this site and tracking people? How? Do they start ruling people out when they look at their location? Do they really read all these threads to bust people? I think not, I think they get calls from neighbors about smells and tips from angry girlfriends, thats how people get caught.
  14. I'm not saying it isn't safe, but if you go through so much trouble to be safe when it comes to smell, not telling people, not acting suspicious, etc. why would you take the chances of leaving a possible cyber trail of incriminating records when you don't even take the chances of telling a trusted friend. Just seems right to cover all bases, it's still possible to post 100% safely. I just wouldn't do it from the grow house or a cell phone.
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    How would they know its from your grow house though? Would they come to my house because this is where I post the pictures from? I take pictures at my grow op, drive home and upload the photos, are they going to show up at my door? Follow me? Na, i seriously doubt it and Im telling you there should be no reason to worry. People order seeds and if they get caught the worst the feds do is send a letter saying we confiscated your seeds, they dont even follow up on that. Even if there was a cyber trail I doubt they ever follow it or use it, anyone have evidence that they ever have done this or are doing this?

    Since you guys are making me paranoid, someone have a link to a proxy site? lol
  16. Like I said, I'm not saying they are trying to track people down through GC. Going through the extra trouble of making sure I covered my ass in every way I can conceive of keeps me from being paranoid(hypothetically). Really, more focus should go into how to beat the smart meters, that should be the new bigger concern for growers IMO, scary shit.
  17. pretty hard to subpena an ip address from a different country so unless your internet company narcs you out I doubt you'll have a problem...that's why torrent sites are still around

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