How Risky Is Ordering Seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ohaithere, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I was considering ordering like 3 seeds from a certain center for single seeds, and having them shipped to my buddy's house. Realistically, can either he or I get "in trouble" for this?

  2. I`ve ordered 5 times in the past 3 years from Attitude seed bank and never had a problem. Worst case scenario is that your seeds get seized by customs and you get a letter in the mail stating that and if you want to claim your mail you have to go in and file a claim. If they do get seized just ignore the letter they don't have the time or resources to go after people who just order seeds. I`ve never read or heard of anyone getting busted for ordering seeds. Also make sure you use a form of payment that the seedbank accepts. most prepaid debit and credit cards now don't cover international orders. I just use my debit card but had to go through a Visa online thingy to authorize it for international orders. each time I order a Visa window pops up after putting in my payment info asking for a user name and password to verify that its me placing the international order.
    Its safe.  Just order from the Attitude seed bank.  You don't have to mess around with sending them to your buddies house.  Just send them to the billing address on the card.  If thats your house, so what.  When you order them, just make sure you buy a tin and a t shirt.  By purchasing that stuff, they give you garanteed delivery and it protects your seeds from getting smashed in shipping.  The packages that they ship are very discrete.  They just look like any normal package so its really to the point that the mail man has no clue whats inside.  It just fits in just like the rest of the mail and we have no clue what everyone is shipping.  When the package arrives, take it out of your box and don't open it until you get into your house, and then you are safe.
  4. attitude is fine had no problem like ^ said, t shirt is nice, my beans got to my box in 10 days.  ordered online. excellent point Rizzo, don't open  the package til ur in ur home
  5. I've always used SeedBay, and have had every order come through. I've spent hundreds of dollars for top-quality genetics and have never been ripped off by this company. Just follow the directions on the site to the letter to make sure the order is processed. Also.. don't mess around with 3 seeds, especially if this is your first grow. It's likely that something may happen, and seeds are usually sold in ten-packs anyway. If you're doing a micro grow, might I suggest fem'd seeds? And get more than you need, in case a few fail to germinate.
    If you're in or near a medical state, I think it would be worth it to get clones, if possible, unless you plan to make your own seeds.
    Like another poster said, worst case, they'll send you a letter and no beans :)
  6. Although it depends what country you are in, it's generally very safe. Most seed stores go to great lengths to effectively conceal the seeds.
  7. Alright, cool, thanks for all the advice. The reason I'm ordering so few is because I'm on a super tight budget, and it's just a kind of "test" grow, since it's my first time.
  8. Also, while I'm here, are there any "regular" nutrients I can buy in Home Depot or Walmart that are acceptable?
  9. i was always under the impression seeds were (collectables) untill they hit dirt
  10. Ordering seeds from is about as safe as picking up from your regular caregiver when you have you. I've ordered 4 times already this year, and have gotten my order each time inside of 2 weeks. 12 days being the longest.
    The way I see it, someone could have ordered the seeds and shipped them to the wrong address.
    You won't have to sign for them(Or you shouldn't as I never have).
    If your sketched out by ordering seeds tho, your probably gonna be stressed out growing!

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