How risky is it to order seeds, in the U.S.A?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by moneymatt420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I have recently planted some bag seeds, to test my grow box setup. It working rather well so far. Really inturested in ordering from attitudes seed bank. Was wondering if this would put me at risk or not? Also if attitudes is the best place?
  2. I do it all the time.

    the Tude seems to have the best selection right now, and yes they are secure.

    when a seed order gets caught ( very rare) . they just take the seeds (basically U lose the $$) and then send You a threatening letter ( that is very ignorable).
  3. They don't try to prosecute you, or wait 2 months and come to the residence? If not then damn should have went that route in the first place. Bout how long does it take to get here?
  4. When I make a rare purchase of seeds on line, I time it for a major "card" holiday (Xmas, Mother's Day, etc). There are only so many postal inspectors and too many cards and letters at those times! It really increases the odds that you few seeds will make it through.

    If you are ordering large quantities of seeds (over 100) they MIGHT look at you a bit closer if you get caught! But chances are, you will get your seeds! :D

    Granny :wave:
  5. 2-3 weeks, is what I generally wait (West Coast USA)
  6. Thanks for all the input guys really appreciate it. I gonna order some jock horror strain looks like its what im lookin for. Small height, short yeild, and potent as hell. Let me know if you find a better strain for what i'm lookin for? Thanks {available from attitudes}.
  7. ** high yield
  8. Does everyone usually go for the Guaranteed shipping? It is $10 on Attitude ...wondered if people chose not to do that and were still okay...I look at it like an insurance policy and if i were buying a lot id want insurance, but I am getting ready to make my first purchase and it won't be but a handful of seeds and so I am not sure whether or not i wanna go that route..are the shirts any good lol?
  9. I've ordered both way with success, just beware the guaranteed shipping DOESN'T cover Customs confiscation.

    orders with out all the coffee cups, Tshirts, wallets, etc. seem to get to their destinations faster, but not by much ( 4-5 days sooner).

    Yes the shirts are generally cool, sometimes though You will get a "WTF is this sh!t ?!?!" a Pink Ak47 on a white T shirt. But for the most part your shirt will be wearable. Also make sure you order 2 sizes bigger then you want ( if you choose a Tshirt option) .. either they shrink, or peeps in England are short :eek:;):laughing::bolt:

    good luck
  10. Less risky that most other things you do. Less risky than smoking a Jay at the river. Less risky than driving with an 8th in your glove box. I don't know anyone who has been busted for online purchases. I know a hell of a lot of people that have been busted for possession. Personally I've ordered seeds twice and never had a problem. I've ordered a few illegal items online at least 20 times and never had a confiscation. The couple that I've read about, the people only got a warning.

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