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How risky are your sneakouts (if you still live with your parents/dorm smoking)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by donkeyballs00, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I am curious to know if anyone else does anything relatively risky when sneaking out to toke

    I just go out the door to our backporch from our side room thing where it is 90% visible while my family is in the kitchen where they can see it and do it usually whenever..

    How bad do you think this is
    And I know this isn't enough information on the situation blah blah just have you or do you smoke in a relatively unsafe spot from time to time

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  2. My mom doesn't care that I smoke but I don't want her to be upfront about smoking it though. Open the window in my room and blow it out.
  3. When I'm at my parents' house and they're home, I don't usually smoke at all, at least when they're awake. If it's just my dad at home I usually don't worry too much. In any case my m.o. lately has been to go downstairs and blow the smoke up the chimney. If nobody is home I just go outside or blow it out a window.

    The window thing did come back to bite me once when my mom came home earlier than expected. I had my door shut, and when she opened it she wrinkled her nose and was like "what's that smell? it smells like a skunk in here," Luckily even though she (incorrectly) believes I'm quite the ladies man, she has never suspected me of smoking. I told her I had had really bad gas all day, and she actually bought it, lol.
  4. when i was a kida nd got my first nice bong there wasnt a place to hide it where it wudve been safe. i used to hid it in the alley 3 mins walking away in a bush in a baseballbag. everynighti would remove my screen put on my slippers walk thru the backyard thru the side gate nd go get my bongtake it back home and blaze nd just stick my head out when blowing out since i smoked snaps no smoke wud go off the bowl. in the morning i would put it under my bed and as soon as i left(i didnt go to school) i would do the same exept i only had one side gate on the other side where i cudnt really go thru because i was on the oppisote end nd my mom or whoever was home would see. so i would go to my side of the house stand on some bricks and throw the bong over. it litterally hit everysningle time then i wud leave thru the front door hopiong no one had took it in the 5 mins it took me to fix the screen nd everything nd then id be set. thiws was a daily routine for about a year. then i moved nd started leaving my bong behind my laundry basket. one day they found it after like 2 years but the thing was fucked up. perc broke off and had huge cracks. it was a amg tho. it survived more beating then any glass should on a daily basis
  5. I'm lucky to have a basement room with a window, while everyone else sleeps upstairs. The only problem is I have been busted before, so my dad took the door off my room. I still burn but mainly when no one is home and then it's either in the bathroom or just out the window.

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  6. A couple of my buddies and I used to blow it down in the woods but it was actually really sketchy because where we smoked was a hunt club for all the local hunters and always had someone driving around. Long story short though we found out his mom smoked just recently so now he does it whenever his dad goes to work he doesn't give a fuck if his mom knows lol. I think we've all had our sketchy moments
  7. I don't worry too much about sneaking in/out, I do worry about making too much noise in the kitchen trying to please the munchies.

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  8. I just smoke in my room tbh. Window open, door plugged up with a towel, sometimes I use a sploof depending on how wide my window is open. I also have an incense burner, a candle, and some generic-brand Ozium.
  9. Yeah I always hate that shit, living back with my parents and having to sneak out after they go to bed at like 11 - 12 to spark up. Luckily I live downstairs and to the other side of where my parents are but even still after smoking a bit you tend to get fucking paranoid about making too much noise and shit haha :L
  10. I mean, most of the activity happens in the front of my house, upstairs. And I go out the back slider door downstairs in the back, and smoke on the patio under out porch. And that's fine. And my bathroom is right near the door so I can wash my hands and face.

    But if I needed to hide that I was smoking, I have woods behind my house and there's like a river i walk over this tree that fell over it, climb into my abandoned treehouse from when I was like 8 and it's a pretty badass spot
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    I never sneaked out of the house because it was too risky, I'd only sneak out if I was spending the night at a friends house and we'd sneak out and go to our old elemtary school and sit on the swing set and smoke, gooooood times! Brings back good memories.
  12. I usually walk through my house, go smoke in my garage, or out the garage back door and smoke in the backyard.  I smoke in my room from time to time but don't really enjoy it. 
  13. Me and my neighborhood buddies used to sneak across a super small corn field in our back yards.(when the corns harvested is when it's sketchy) and into a small patch of woods. We used to smoke for 30 mins and come back. We hadn't done that for a while and my buddies siblings start telling us his parents know what's up. So we r at his house and she's high asf. She smokes weed btw haha. And she says that one of the parents in our neighborhood told her we were smoking in the woods.. We just shrugged her off and fed her some BS about not wanting to be addicted. Haha jokes on her, this herbs harmless

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  14. "I don't worry too much about sneaking in/out, I do worry about making too much noise in the kitchen trying to please the munchies."

    This is exactly it. This sums my whole life up right here.. Ahaha sorry not sure how to quote correctly.

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  15. When I lived at home id take snaps out a bong with no water to avoid the famous bubble noise and just blow em out my window with the door closed and fan on. I'd recommend leaving the fan on a few days before you toke In your room the first time that way your parents arnt like "hey why is there a fan on in his room at 1 in the morning? He never used a fan" lol one hitters, window
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    Never had to, I started smoking weed when I was like 21, now I'm 26 and I even smoke it with my mom sometimes.
    My dad is gone now, died when I was 10, but my mother told me when they were teenagers he used to be a major grower and seller in the city. It's humorous, at least in a dark way, to think he was killed by a drunk driver of all things.
  17. haha damn this brought back memories.. I had semi-strict parents in high school, a super light-sleeping mom, and the squeakiest front door you've ever heard....
    usually this led to jumping off the 8-10 foot second story balcony to get out.. but the fun part was at 4 in the morning, drunk and high as shit, trying to get boosted back up on to the balcony by my other friends, also drunk and high.. 
    good times
  18. i live with my mum and she doesn't know i toke (at least i think so), any time of day i normally just towel my bedroom door and smoke out the window with the curtains closed behind me then leave the towel on the door and the window partly open for about an hour, been getting away with it for 3 years haha

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    I'm back living with my parents. All I do is put a towel underneath the door...and spray febreeze usually before leaving the room.
  20. back when i lived with my parents I got pretty good at it after about 4 years. But there was still risk. I would just take one hitters and blow them out the window, which generally didn't allow any smoke to escape. But there were always a couple ways i could get caught, like my mom randomly wakes up and decides to knock on my door and then opens to see me red eyed as a bastard and hears the window shutting etc.. OR it would be a windy day and as I blew the smoke out it fly right back in my face and mingle into the hallway... Yep. Been caught plenty of times in my highschool years but got away 1000x more

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