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How Remove the "Stoney Eyes"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Cannabis, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Ok so allot of people are worried about their eyes giving away the fact that they are stoned. Personally I personally don't worry about people thinking that I am stoned.

    Ok so to remove the redness its pretty obvious that you use some sort of redness relieving eye drops. Visine, Rhotos, ect...

    But for the low hanging eyelids I personally like to use carmex. Its used for chapped lips, and cold sores im pretty sure, but it does have vanilla extract, and a certain peppermint smell. It feels like a breathmint for your eyes. It will help make your eyes open wide. You can also use anti aging lotion or something but nothing feels as good as carmex.[​IMG]

    Note Carmex on eyelids+ Rhotos=AMAZING feeling when stoned.
  2. Yeah man I hate still looking stoned after I put eye drops in. I might try this
  3. I'll have to tell some of my friends to try this out when they smoke.
  4. Just steal some blind dudes guide dog and get some really dark shades. The added benefit is that everyone will get out of your way and cops would never hassle a blind person. Problem solved:cool:
  5. Thats ridiculous haha
  6. Thought I should mention that you should put the eyedrops in before to reduce the risk of carmex getting in your eyes
  7. Good idea. We'll try.
  8. Serious? Pretty funny. I guess don't knock it til you try it, but damn.
  9. good post....i actually have some of this shit laying around never knew it could clear "stoner eyes"
  10. I think an eye cream that reduces puffieness would be more effective, plus carmex has a lot of nasty shit in it, I wouldn't even put it on my lips let alone right next to my eyes.
  11. Hmm, might have to try that. But realy any cream sold in drug stores that will tighten the skin under your eyes will work. Im not sure how good that is to get so close to your eyes, and possibly in your eyes if you happen to be very stoned.
  12. im kind of iffy in this one, but im sure ill try it soon. hope it does work.

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