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How red do your eyes get?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by B4dg3r, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. My eyes get completely blood red after just one hit, but most people I know can smoke a ton and their peak redness is a few blood vessels and a slight pinkness if any.
  2. Mine get Whiter. :wave:

    Ha na my eyes don't change, they just stay medium white.
  3. I'm also like you. When we all get baked, my eyes are usually the most visibly fucked. I get very large pupils and blood shot eyes.
  4. haha one rip and your a goner :p
    7 or 8 years ago i had the same issue. But now it doesnt ever happen unless im really, really , really... stoned.. but i got a new bong that just blows my mind. Feels good to be able to get just fryed sometimes:devious:
  5. I read somewhere that coughing is what makes your eyes red. Don't quote me on that, but I guess when I think about eyes do only get red when I smoke out of my bong and cough. So maybe theres some truth to it?
  6. As red as the devil's dick.
  7. Only when i'm really high combined with behind tired is when my eyes get red. Like if i smoke a big bowl in the morning, nothing. If i smoke a bowl at night, they get red.
  8. I don't cough at all, and my eyes get extremely red (demonicly red) when I am incredibly stoned. My pupils also seem to dilate a lot when I am very high, a huge contrast from when I'm sober and my pupils are nearly pinpricks.

    If I have a nice buzz going, there is some redness but not a whole lot.
  9. My eyes used to get quite red, but now they don't ever get red at all anymore. It's not a problem here in Portland, though. There are blazed people everywhere. You can't walk 20 feet in this city (or even in the suburbs) without seeing a car full of men giggling like little girls, or kids with eyes red as the dickens. :smoking:
  10. I hear this shit all the time. Every time somebody tells me that I'm like " How the hell would you know ?" :confused_2:
  11. mine turn a hint of green, my one friend's turn yellow, my other friend's get extremely red.
  12. My mom says my eyes turn yellow wheres the whites supposed to be.
    but my eyes usually get very low.

  13. its from pineapple express
  14. It's much older than that.

  15. reefer madness?
  16. I actually don't cough often at all. Maybe it has something to do with my wearing contacts.
  17. Mine barely change at all. They used to get really, really red though.

    They do get shinier, and I think my irises get a tad more blue (they're grey-blue normally), but that might just be me imagining things.
  18. one rip ... nope .... 2 nope 3 nope 4 nope 5 ... depends on the weed. my eyes just dont get red unless i get super fucked up. at that point i only get a few little vessels.
  19. my eyes just get low and mildly red, depends on how much i've smoked.
  20. Incredibly red, eyes get droopy too. Without eyedrops, people know if I'm high just by looking at me.

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