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How random is 'random drug testing' for a job?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NovaSmoka420, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hello Grasscity voyagers :wave:
    I just got my first job (I'm behind, I know, but hey you gotta start somewhere right?) anyways, I'm currently on probation, but am off April 1st and looking to get back into smoking :smoke: I am working at Safeway, passed my initial employment drug test with flying colors, and the employment contract thing says that they are allowed to do random drug testing. What exactly does this mean? I mean, can they just say 'Hey, drug test, now' without any reason to believe I'm doing drugs? If I don't give them a reason to do so, what are the chances of me getting randomly drug tested?
  2. They sure are allowed to do it when and wherever they like.. It's really common now days.
  3. So basically if I want this job I need to lay off the pots? :(
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    They can pull an employee out for random drug testing with no probable cause whatsoever (from my experience).

    However, each drug test costs the manager some amount of money, and you still get paid while you take your drug test. This is quite a bit of profit loss for them because they have to waste money on the tests and still pay you even though you aren't 'working'.

    Because of this, random drug tests aren't an 'every week' sort of thing.

    Whenever you see your manager start to pull people from work for drug testing, IMMEDIATELY become busy. Start talking with a customer, wash something, and avoid eye contact with the manager.

    If your employee is talking with a customer, you aren't going to interrupt them and say 'stop helping them and come piss in a cup', are you?

    Also, don't give your employer reason to suspect you. Don't come to work high, or talk about smoking with your employees. Treat everyone as if they would snitch on you.

    If you REALLY want to make sure you don't get fired, go to a site or store such as , where you can buy substitutes that are easily stored so that you can simply keep them in your pocket during work. Keep it close, as you are NOT allowed to drink anything/visit your cark/go to your work locker when you are selected for random screening. Buy a different one about every 2-3 weeks or so to make sure that it doesn't go bad.
    However, some drug screenings check blood work, so if your fake sample has a different blood type, you will be fired for failing and charged with falsifying information.

    Best thing to do is to STOP smoking until you get pulled for random drug testing. Once you pass, you won't be pulled for a LONG time.

    Hope I helped.
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    Depends on the job, high clearance job will do it more often. If you work in a retail store, they will rarely do it as it cost to send you out there.
    You can smoke but you run the risk. With probation under your wing, your employer also has more means to do it at any point, especially after probation ends.

    EDIT: As qaz said, don't tell people and act busy. Even when a manger isn't watching. If you continue to act busy on a normal basis, they will be less likely to pull you as for one, you have built a customer relationship and pulling you out would hinder profit, and two, they would lose a productive member and pay you at the same time for it.
  6. like qazdawg said, they can test you whenever they feel like it but since it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time they dont do it often. unles they have reason to. Like they notice you come into work and smell like weed, or youre slow and unproductive. then they have a reason to test you and they will. thats why if you "have to" smoke before work, make sure you can handle your shit and still preform your basic duties.
  7. The probation was for a misdemeanor (shoplifting) and my manager has absolutely no idea, and I talked to my PO about it, and he said I'm not required to notify him as it was not a felony. I think what I'll do is buy a few cool pipes with my paychecks, then start saving up the $$$ for after I pass my first random UA :) Also I'm simply a morning-shift front service clerk (bagboy lol) and I've heard that they get tested the least as their jobs are not dangerous and nobody is really going to be put in danger whereas night shift (warehouse stocking) and butchers get tested a lot more often.
  8. Aren't they notified VIA back ground check? Either way, being a bag boy you should be fine unless you show up high and doing absolutely nothing or begin ignoring the customers.
    Don't even talk to the cashier about it, no one can be trusted! lol

  9. Hmm I never thought about that, strange. I know it will be expunged from my record as soon as I finish the probo, maybe that's why? Couldn't tell you. And oh believe me, I don't plan on even THINKING about the herb when I'm at work, let alone mention it to anyone haha.
  10. It possible, I've never bothered to research how company background checks work, though you can always ask personell for a copy if you like(Legally, you are allowed one).
    Good luck in the new job though! Where is this at? Winnie Dixie? Publix? They are the only places I know that have bag boy services :s.
  11. a Fucking grocery store test you guys? holyshit man come to canada they dont test for shit :p
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about it bro. Risk is always there, though it is unlikely you'll get tested in the near future. Enjoy the tolerance you've lost on probation.

  13. Question answered if you read ;)

    But even the non chain grocery stores around my neck of the woods has a few bag boys kicking around.
    /not so helpful advice because everything has been covered pretty well.
  14. as said before it depends on the job, for instance, my job now has "random drug testing", but no employee I work with has been tested in like 4 or 5 years, hell even my boss smokes weed. It honestly entirely depends on where you work. My job was perfectly willing to look passed the weed smoking thing as long as it doesnt affect my performance, but some may not. generally speaking though, manual labour jobs for smaller companies give less of a fuck about whether or not you blaze than huge corporations where you're working a minimum wage super replaceable position.
  15. I've been at my job for more than 5 years and took 1 random test. I smoke on the weekend to make it easier for me to pass the tests.
  16. Yep. When you filled out their application you agreed to THEIR terms on drug testing.
    If it says random, that most likely means they CAN test you whenever they want. They don't need probably cause like a LEO;They're a business. Just stay effective as an employee and you'll be fine.

    As for an initial drug test, in 6 years of working for corporate employers, I've never had a drug test. I think an initial drug test is decided by three main factors(For most employers): Your application, Your references, Your interview.
    Remember it's not free for them to send you/have a drug test done.
    Hell I had one boss who KNEW most of us smoked, and he just didn't do it because he was too cheap and we were the best workers he had.

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