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How Quickly can Exercise flush THC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HideYoChurren, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, Im just wondering how quickly exercise (mostly cardio/running) will flush out THC from fat?

    I tend to run 2 miles a day, and also lift various weights for about 30 min aday.

    I only vape only on weekends now, and no more than 2 trenches in an MFLB per weekend.

    (just FYI, I have a mostly athletic body, with a tad bit of fat on my thighs and gut, cant seem to lose fat from there)

    my main question, Is,. given my smoking schedule and workout schedule, How quicly do you think I can pass a drug test after a weekend?

    Ive submitted some job apps, and havent heard shit from anyone, so I want to smoke but only a small amount so i can exercise and flush my system.

    thank you for your time guys, very much appreciated.
  2. probably around a week. you could probably technically pass a few days after if you drink a ton of water before the test. (btw just drink a few glasses of water an hour or so before the test and make sure youve pissed 1-2 times thhat day)
  3. As long as you drink a lot of water and continue to exercise I would imagine it would be out of your system in a few days. I'd say 5 if you want to be absolutely sure but probably sooner if you exercise that much. If you smoked a long time (months at a time) then it will take a few weeks but if you only smoke on weekends a few days of vigorous exercise and lots of water will flush it.

    I'm no expert, just have my own personal experience. :smoke:
  4. If your really in a hurry to flush it out of your system, apple cider vinegar works wonders, it's heavy detox so be careful about it.
  5. I passed a drug test within 6 days of quitting smoking with no detoxs, flushing or diluting really. I have an overactive thyroid though which means my body burns fat very fast though. Normally should last between 1-3 weeks after quitting.

    Beyond contrary belief and I am going to get flamed by some retards, the MORE you smoke the faster it gets out of your system. Your body is used to processing THC in your fat cells and gets out faster due to chronic use. Might as well go all out and tell you the tips I used for my drug test.

    Always use midstream pee, meaning don't fill the cup right away and wait a few seconds. Also DO NOT over drink. Your pee will be too watered down and most labs will not accept the sample (very common to happen among drug users) which means you won't get hired. Drinking water doesn't make the body process weed any faster, it dilutes the THC in your urine. Only necessary to stay normally hydrated through the day then drink 1-2 cups a few hours before your test.

    Hope this helps!
  6. thank you guys for your help. very nice answers,

    based on your replies, Im going to ballpark it at about a week of heavy heavy running should do the trick and good diet.

    Im willing to run that much cus i wanna chill this weekend :) I dont even have very much bud. just 2 lil tiny popcorn buds of purp. like less than 5$ worth lol but with the MFLB its enough for this weekend
  7. I take Adderall for ADHD, and I find that if I am taking it as prescribed, it is out of my system in less than a week. If I know I have a test coming up, I have taken an extra one a couple days before, along with pushing water and working out, and been able to pass in 2-3 days. How do I know? I don't know if this is available everywhere, but where I live, The Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) now sells marijuana test kits, for you guessed it, $1. While this may not help you pass a test, it allows you to try different methods and see what works. I am in the process of testing how long it stays in my system based on how much, and how often I smoke, even factoring in exercise and diet. It has become a fun science experiment, but the only way I have been able to do that is because the tests are so cheap. I don't know if they are available nationwide but I know I have found them in different parts of the state.

    I just found out that my final interview for a great programming job I have been working hard to get (tons of testing and interviews) has been moved up to this coming week. So, if I am not passing the tests a couple days before, I will buy a kit. There are 130 applicants and 20 spots available. It's going to be tough, but at least I feel confident that a drug test won't eliminate me. Wish me luck! If I get one of the positions, I know how I will be celebrating. :smoking: And if my experiment results consistently show that I can pass in two days, I will at least always be able to smoke on Fridays :yay:

    I will add that the tests can be confusing because two lines is negative where one is positive and that just seems bizarre and backwards. The test strip is small and flimsy too, but hey it's only a dollar! Hope this might help someone out.
  8. I smoked weed everyday (low quantities though) and when I quit I worked out for about 3 days and passed 2 days later. I had a 15 panel test to with questdiagnostics and I passed that shit completely.
  9. Exercise, a good diet and water are the keys to life.That being said, i don't know the answer to the question.
  10. I have been put on electronic monitoring for getting caught with herb and 1 of the conditions is to get piss tested.. I am 5foot 7 and only weigh 120 pounds.. i have been chronic for 20 years.. i can go to jail if fail the test.. i have been sober for about a week now but i do smoke cigs.. wondering if i have a chance to pass test..
  11. i Have Been Smoking Kush For 3 Months Straight...Test In Five Days....How Can i Pass?
  12. hey man, dont wana rain on your parade, but i too have bought many of those dollar store drug test strips, in the little green boxes.. and those things are not very accurate.. I stopped smoking for 3 days, didnt do any exercise or try to dilute my urine, and I still passed on those things.. matter in fact ive bought around 15-20 of those things and literally passed everytime.. who know maybe i really did pass, but just to make sure, buy a 15$ one at cvs or something bro... that will give you a more accurate answer

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