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How Potent?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by juicyjay, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Ok so today I made cannabutter with about 26 grams of pretty good weed(not high grade but not mids either) and a pound of butter. I used the mason jar method where u boil water in a pot then put in a mason jar and melt the butter and put the weed in the jar. I cooked this for 2.5 hours and in the end the mixture was a nice dark green colour.
    I ended up with about 400 ml of cannabutter so just under 2 cups, (things got messy). Now my main question is I have this cookie recipe that calls for 1 cup of butter so I put 2/3 cannabutter and 1/3 reg butter. The batch ended up making 32 cookies. Do you guys think these cookies will be potent? This is my first time making them.
  2. Well I'd say if you used 2/3 cannabutter then they should be 2/3 as potent. Seems simple enough but don't take my word for it.
  3. That depends on a hundred different factors.
    -how dank the weed was
    -how successful the cook was
    -your metabolism

    The only way to know is to try one... or five.
  4. I cant try them until later tonight thats why I asked. The weed was good but not the dankest. I cooked the butter for 2.5 hours untill dark dark green. I guess there is no way to know really except to eat them. I was asking because I was thinking.....If i used 26 grams and got 400ml of butter then used about half of that in the recipe then it would be like 13 grams in 32 cookies which is like 0.4 per cookie. Is that enough to put a daily smoker on my ass or should i eat 2 at once?

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