How potent are psyclobe cubensis?

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  1. Seeing is how these are all i ever get, im curious...

  2. potent enough hahahah
    how much do you usually take because you could always up dosage
  3. Not very, you need about 3-5g to get a real good trip.
  4. i usually eat an eighth, less if i dont want to trip too hard more if i want to trip real hard, most ive eaten was 5 grams
  5. Then there you go.
  6. I wasn't asking how much to take i was just curious as to how potent they are compared to other species...
  7. haha you said the exact same thing kein said, mushie lol

    as for potencies, they're ok-ish. there are other strains that are alot more potent but cubes are very popular because of how easy they are to grow
  8. and this surprises you? an eighth is the standard dose, and 5 grams was when i bought a quarter and i gave my first time shroomer friend a half an eighth and i ate the rest :rolleyes:
  9. and here:

  10. That's so funny I was gonna reply with the same exact thing almost "potent enough"

    You must be quite experienced with mushrooms as well

    Because it's true, I mean I'd prefer liberty caps or cyanescens, but cubensis will get the job done without a doubt
  11. im not trying to give off bad vibes by any means but i meant as if anyone knows how potent the psylocybin is in the mush in micrograms or however it is measured ( i don't think its micrograms, but you get what im saying) not very is a pretty general statement.
  12. what surprises me? o.o
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    I like Gyms when I can find them out here, kinda hard but not unheard of.

    Then next time maybe state it clearer instead of "how potent compared to others", because thats not asking "how much psilocybin is in them"

    And the answer is it varies by mushroom/batch.
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    From Erowid:


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