how possible is it to start a new religion?

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  1. Lets say its a religion that knows the creator of existence and time, exists. 

  2. Well being that existence and time, or duration and time, are two aspects of reality. They are two ends of the same line. Or two sides of the same coin. But one is the image of God, and the other, of a devil. As for these two being the same, one can't exist without the other. God being yang, a devil being yin. Or God being duration, and a devil being time. I remember hearing from multiple places, I can't remember where, but that God does not care about time. Time was created because of a lunatic. Where time was not created to begin with, but was actually made when God's favorite angel fell. Time is not infinite, but goes in a spiral downward. To go upward in time, is to maximize, the now, or the essence of God in your life. Essentially free-will is one choice, there is no but's or and's in this choice, free-will is whether you want to live for now, or if you want to follow the illusion of time. When you choose now, you have to keep choosing now, wherein the road upward is harder than the road downward. If you want to choose the illusion, you just keep living your life in either or both past and future. There is no present when you see it this way. Essentially dividing existence or duration into two. You've seen what happens when something splits. Usually it's destructive and/or explosive. But, forgetting past and future, you see existence for what it really is. If everyone forgot past and future, we would all be at peace.
  3. Kinda like this
    We've all been really stoned and thought of brilliant stuff. but... ...what the hell are you talking about and how did that answer the OPs question?
  5. It had everything to do with it...
    Duhn duhn duhn!
    You're going to have to write a big book, and perhaps nail someone to a cross.
  7. Its simple to do, but difficult to accomplish.
    1. Designate a system of beliefs that is distinguishable from others available.\t
    2. Teach people the beliefs and teach them to teach others\t
    3. When you have enough members that politicians can't ignore your voting block, then you have a religion. Congratulations.
  8. Tell people you will kill them unless you submit.
  9. Open up new ideas and a philosophy on how people should lead their lives.  Scientology emerged didn't it?
  10. what if this religion was started long before i even existed. If i was only putting a label on something that didn't.
  11. Uhhh, how about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Ever check that out? That's how possible it is. 
  12. Listen to Captain Murphy he can help you out with a cult haha. Then make the cult do charity and call it a religion.

    I'm just messing but religion is putting faith into ideas. To start a religion just come up with an idea for people to stand behind.

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  13. The Devil is only real if you let him be

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  14. post-theism...i think thats what ill call it.
  15. Is that where you used to be a theist but are not anymore?  Is that the only rule?
  16. theist or atheist
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    I'm sure it is possible. But how possible? I don't know. I don't think there are degrees of possibility. Moreover, what isn't possible?
    Also, do you want to start a religion? Because you know that the creator of existence and time, exists?
    Also, the creator of existence exists? How did the creator exist in order to create existence in the first place? Can you create existence without existing? That sounds impossible but I'm not sure what isn't possible or if impossibility exists.
    Perhaps what is impossible is possible.
  18. I'd like to start one for church of eternal consciousness.

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