How Pivotal is Air Circulation to a Successful Grow?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Vegi, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. OK.
    So my last two grows failed and while my mini greenhouse has a PC fan intake and outlet, I think the issue might be the actual air circulation.
    I've decided to buy a mini fan and will be placing that in a corner to try and get the air moving within the mini greenhouse.
    However, just wondered what peoples thoughts are?
    Is it really important you get the air circulating well within a grow?

  2. yeh I can't remember the numbers but you want a couple air exchanges per minute. It's especially important later in flowering when mold and mildew can become a huge issue....this is usually due to very high humidity levels from low airflow.
    Best usage of your fans is to place them both up high as exhausts fans...and just have passive intakes (holes) near the floor that are about 2x as big as the if you have 2 x 4" pc fans want 4x 4" holes down low for passive intakes.
    is this in an outdoor mini green house?  make sure to check want to shoot for about 75-80F
  3. Yeah, it's an indoor grow. I've taken an outdoor mini greenhouse and used reflective Mylar to seal it.

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