how physically SICK does this make you feel?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Jan 17, 2004.


i feel sick.... do you feel sick?

  1. aroused. i want to be a member of the british elite now.

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  2. indifferent.

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  3. sick.

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  4. SICK!

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  5. I just threw up.

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    i once thought pedophiles were the lowest of the low in society. seemed so disgustingly, inherently, unfathomnably WRONG what they do, how they think, no sence of any concern for what they do to their VICTIMS. and i\'m not talking about this \"statutory rape\" BS, i\'m talking PEDOPHILES. :mad:

    but now....

    Politicians, have proven themselves to be so completely without any of the qualitys most comonly described as MORALS that i have NO respect left at all for this one in particular. :mad:

    :( words fail me. how could i possably express my utter disgust at this. :(
  2. l suppose it comes as no real surprize :{
  3. every body sucks
  4. I just threw up.
  5. uhhhhh.... too long. someone summarize for me....

  6. books must realy intimidate you...huh?
  7. not really, its the stuff that is written in british dielect in incredibly small print and doesnt even capture my intrest i have problems with.... :p


    sometimes ignorance is just more funny than it is annoying.

    just read the first paragraph for fucks sake.

  9. so if you are not even interested in this ....why should we (meaning those of us who dont mind reading)take the time to tell you the story?

    espesaly affter you just told us you had no interest in it?

    i think i am lost
  10. I can understand a person wanting to cover for a friend when that friend fucks up. But I don\'t care, if one of MY friends or ( even family ) did something like that to any child..... I\'d beat the crap out of them, then this would be the one time I\'d let the police handle something. Cause I feel a lot of prisoners in the pen could punish him lot better than I could. Most cons really look down on CMs. That is just so sad! It shows that most of our gov. are turning into \"boys clubs\" It doesn\'t matter how experienced, talented, intelligent you are. All you have to do to be a person who knows the right people, and you can be put into a position of power, with no worry of the concequences of your actions. That is horrible!

    Oh hey DD! I don\'t think YOU are the one thats lost! I think someone else is!
  11. yeah people do suck just a bullet in the head.
  12. Just when you think politicians can\'t get any lower...

    No shame, no dignity, no morals,

  13. I can\'t even put into words how disgusting pedophiles are. We need to have a hitler for people who are pedophiles and just have firing lines and shit that fill them up with bullets.

    There\'s my 27 cents
    Use the extra quarter to call you\'re friends and tell em about me.
  14. christ, I\'m sorry, but you guys don\'t actually believe this stuff, do you? I mean, Blair is a jackass, but this shit is so obviously fake, I would\'ve given you guys a little more credit than that.

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