How open minded are you...really?

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    As the title suggests this is a topic about your open mindedness. I just want to know how open minded is this city of grass here really. Being open minded could relate to various themes such as

    Offensiveness - everything offends you or nothing offends you. in between?

    Racism - bigotry or acception

    Sexuality - solo missionary or wild orgy

    Adrenaline Junkie - scared of everything or risk taker (as long as it doesnt kill you)

    Religion - narrow minded or accepting

    Drugs - one hit wonder or psychological exlporer

    Human - war monger or humanitarian

    Other People - judgmental or accepting

    i'm sure there are other themes that can affect your open mindedness, but anyway, thoughts? opinions? how open minded are you?
  2. Offensiveness - everything offends you or nothing offends you. in between?

    Rasism - bigotry

    Sexuality - wild orgy

    Adrenaline Junkie - risk taker (as long as it doesnt kill you)

    Religion - accepting

    Drugs - psychological exlporer

    Human - humanitarian

    Other People - accepting
  3. I hate people of other rases.
  4. closed mindedness is a direct result of ignorance and a lack of perspective. a closed minded person is one who doesn't quite grasp how or why people become different. closed minded people are still not yet able to understand the concept of different but not better or worse. we have a horrible habit of ranking everything, and we have a horrible habit of trying to define everything (including things that we are not able to define)
  5. I am pretty close minded but i wish i wasn't. I can catch myself judging people's appearence, and personalitys sometimes. I try to stop being closeminded all day to see if i can, but it just baisically makes me not want to talk to anyone because all i want to do is tell them there wrong or that my opinion is better.... Lets see how today goes now that you reminded me. :devious:
  6. what are you talking aboot that spelling mistake isn't present. uhhh ha. i didn't mean to make a chart and have people check off how their mind works in that particular field, I just put those themes up to give people a jump start in expressing their open mindedness. really dig reading into the psychology of other peoples minds. very interesting us humans, are we, we are.
  7. well said, dig it
  8. I'm one of the most open minded people I know. I take pride in the fact that I don't judge anyone.

    If everyone was accepting, the world would be such a wonderful place.
  9. fuck man if only, we could be curing cancer and travelling the cosmos right now but instead we are stuck in a rut that we've been in for far too long. killing, pillaging and profiting. what the fuck is this strange world I was thrown into like a dog without a bone.
  10. I consider myself really open minded..
    I accept everything because I understand that that's what that person likes & I'm okay with that.
    I don't believe in organized religion but I believe in God- each to his own though.
    Nothing offends me because I don't wanna sink to the offenders level by feeding into it & giving them what they want., so I ignore or agree with the insult.
    I love everyone & everything and no matter how bad someone treats me.. I won't treat them bad.
    Revenge is stupid.
    But.... I feel bad for people who don't listen or care what I have to say., because I want them to see that perspective & be enlightened like I am.
    I'm very philosophical... So I can relate everything to reality,.. Most of the time.
    & I love myself but I'm not stuck up.:)
    Hope that answers all those categories.
  11. [quote name='"Stinja"']I'm one of the most open minded people I know. I take pride in the fact that I don't judge anyone.

    If everyone was accepting, the world would be such a wonderful place.[/quote]

    Me too man... I feel ya.

  12. one werd for that... population control... ive been mentally and physically abused thru out my life and it has made me search for answers all my life, i started to doubt my religion wen i was in sunday skool, my goverment... ill say middle skool.. i am so open minded sometimes i think im nuts.. i am so different than the ppl around me, ive kinda always been on my own.. watching and studying ppl, and everything i can, i have an interest in everything, i will turn down nothing i will turn down no one.. hell i even believe in mentally insane ppl and have my own theorys about them i never judge... lol idk man shits crazy
  13. I went through your list of themes but I think none of them really challenge my openmindedness.

    I think if there's one thing that really challenges my openmindedness, it is... opinion about myself.

    May be.
  14. Offensiveness - Do not insult my intelligence or the next thing you'll be eating is my fist and the next thing you'll be shitting is my foot. That made me feel like Red from That 70's show.

    Racism - I'm not racist, no one decided to be coloured.

    Sexuality - I'll do anything as long as I'm the one doing the doing.

    Adrenaline Junkie - Living on the edge is the only way to live. How do you know your alive if you are not familiar with death?

    Religion - I'm against religion as its just another label we apply to exclude people and it also stands in the way of progress. People also are handed beliefs instead of forming their own, if you get what I'm saying.

    Drugs - I like being high on uppers ... and downers ... and psychadelics ... and I just love being high on life the most. We must understand that drugs give us an altered perception of reality and that has brought us some novel inventions and also ideas, and therefore I'm not against responsible drug use.

    Human - No comment.

    Other People - Be yourself, that's all I'll say.

    I mostly just gave stupid answers but that is honestly what I believe.
  15. very, but open mindedness with out discernment is unwise... which means i watch for bull shit and check sources.
  16. I'm a half black half chinses raging homosexual, who has a midget for a pet. I believe in the jewish faith, hate all hispanic people have a heroin and drug suppository addiction, think all white people should be exterminated and judge people with pimples.

    Do you still accept me? Digging everyone's participation, please chime in your thoughts.

  17. What's there not to accept?

    Everyone's got their own views.

  18. Midget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [ame=]Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (Original Video) on Vimeo[/ame]
  19. so i come home from a night of mind numbing and decide to check gc. i read the replyiess and watch the video. i'll watch it later because i didnt have any sound instead helter skelter playing over top. it was funny at the beginning quite feakishly close to my desription of my actual self. ha awesome find. i yawned towards the end but im tired this is bias good night.
  20. My mind is too open....

    Race is not a factor to me.

    New religions interest me and I'm understanding and tolerant of the differences between cultures.

    I find pleasureable company in both people with Masters degree and people with Murder charges. I see the differences between them but I understand the differences between their upbringings, morals, and principles.

    I'm crazy. I think that's what it means to have an open mind.

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