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How open are you with drug use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by herny, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Right now only the people i buy from and whoever they have told really know i smoke. some of my closest friends (they dont smoke weed) dont even know what i do. my family has NO idea.

    i never bring up drugs in a conversation with friends, but if they asked i would tell them. even though i wouldnt bring up the topic of drugs, if someone else brought it up i would not hesitate to dispell their myths about drug use.

    so how open are you with drug use? do you wear bob marley shirts and post "420 son" on facebook or are you like me and keep it under the radar?
  2. I am very open with my drug use when people ask about it, though not open enough to blast it all over facebook, unless it is very covert and coded.

    Currently I attend the community college in my town and stoner's gravitate towards each other here and once someone brings it up like 5 people turn and look at each other then we blaze:smoke: Not sure how we all gravitate like that but it happens in almost every class.
  3. I hate people who brag about they smoke I keep my shit as low key as I can buy not where I'm stressing about its its whatever Idc if I get caught by my dad or anyone weed ain't drug to me and never will be anyone who ask ill tell them I ain't ashamed of weed nor do I think its a negative thing. It's who I am its who we all are we all love danky sanky:D and I don't live in med state. So weeds is weed here.

  4. If weed isn't drug to you then what is it?
  5. It's a plant like anything else we can plant in a normal veggie garden.
  6. Im very open about it. If we dont treat it as a crime then others will learn better too. Hell, the other night at the bar me and my friend went outside to the fenced in smoking area where plenty of other people were too and since I dont smoke cigs I packed a bowl of dank in my little glass pipe and fired it up right in front of everyone. Even offered a hit to a random stranger, which he accepted, and no one even gave me a second look for openly roasting a bowl right out on the sidewalk of the bar and not even trying to hide it.

    Smoking weed is not a crime so dont treat it as such.
  7. most people don't care from what I've noticed. weed is weed. it's not bad like unmentionables.
  8. im super open with it.
    everyone knows
  9. Exactly. I woulnt go so far into not giving a shit to smoke around a cop or somthing but I doubt even people that dont like weed will go out of their way to go snich about a grow adult taking a few puffs outside a bar where everyone is drunk anyhow. We need to desensitize the public to cannabis and remove the rediculous taboo.
  10. I wear bob marley/rasta shirts, braclets, ect but I have been wearing that kinda stuff since before I smoked. A lot of my friends know I smoke but there are a lot of people who don't. I don't really care if people know and if people ask me about it I'm not gonna lie. Most of the kids at my school smoke so no one really seems to care anyways, even if they don't smoke. But I don't put stuff about it on facebook cuz I think its dumb since anyone can see that and I have family on there
  11. Telling someone you smoke shouldn't be a big deal, telling them you do H or something probably would. I find if you don't advertise you smoke, people tend to have more respect for you when they find out you do because it means you can keep it on the down low and not be sketchy. If people I don't really know ask me I usually lie and say no, and if my intuition says I trust them I'll tell them later
  12. Try to keep it to myself in public. I don't have any rasta colored things. When I'm with my friends I don't give a fuck though.
  13. I don't accept it but don't deny it either. Unfortunately, to our society, cannabis use is much different from smoking cigs and drinking alcohol.

    I say Fuck them (the prejudiced).
  14. If you don't treat it as something that needs to be hidden or kept secret people will be more comfortable with it..
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    It's a drug, in the same way that tobacco & alcohol, paracetamol, caffeine etc. are drugs.

    The word "drug" has been tarnished by governments/media to mean a harmful and addictive substance, yet pharmacies and hospitals rely heavily on drug use to treat patients. Anything that alters how your body/mind works is a drug, be it a natural plant or a man-made substance.
  16. I'm on an international list for folks with my disease with my real name and the fact that I am a MMJ patient clearly listed.:)

  17. It's still a drug. Just because it's a plant doesnt mean it's not a drug.

  18. I see what ur saying about it being a drug. To me its not just cus the American law or ur country names is it as a drug who are we to ban something that's been on this plant million of years before us which is grown naturally on earth? Think humans took the left turn in evolution when we should have went right.

  19. labeling something as a drug has nothing to do with the legality of it. it alters your perception. its a drug. period. end of story.
  20. I am a Bob Marley fan but I don't own anything associated with him or the rasta culture because I don't follow the Rasta Movement. I don't go around advertising that I smoke at all because I smoke for myself.. no one else.

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