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How old were you...?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Laura Marie, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Wait wait wait wait, WHAT?! :confused:
  2. Gonna have to 2nd that.....THE FUCK!?

    Oh and...



    Never was much of a chaser,more or less let em come to me instead,still kinda do that actually.
  3. First kiss at 15- with my 1st girlfriend ever...

    Lost virginity at 16- with my 2nd girlfriend ever.... she's still my girlfriend btw... going on 5 years.

    Monogamy does not have to be monotony.
  4. my kiss was funny she was a slut like at 12.
    i fucked her and she gave me head like 2 years later...lol i still know
    her but i don't chill with her no mo'.
  5. 3rd.



    First kiss at 12 to some slut haha, I remember I was really nervous, she was the daughter of my parents friends and she stayed at my house for a couple days.

    Lost my vcard at 16
  6. ~12 years old.
  7. Well, I'm a female:

    First kiss:14


    Late on the v-card thing, but honestly, I had better shit to think about in H.S. and I didn't date much. Plus, the steady boyfriend at the time decided no sex. :p We broke up before senior year.
  8. kiss...13
  9. When you got your first kiss?
    When you lost your virginity?
  10. first kiss was grade 6 so i was 11 i think.
  11. I first got kissed when I was maybe 10? Probably somewhere between 8 and 10. My best friend at the time was a boy and we kinda liked eachother and he kissed me cause we were stuck in his treehouse in a freak thunderstorm (I wasn't about to go outside lol). Not a peck, not yet a full on liplock either.

    My first romantic kiss was when I was 16 with my first boyfriend. His lips were chapped and rough... not my dream of a first kiss but at least I have my adorable 10 year old kiss to fall back on.

    I lost my virginity when I was 16 too. If I remember right it was at my boyfriend's friend's house on his top bunk while he was playing videogames beneath us (my boyfriend's friend). I don't remember if it was good or not, just that I had a major freakout right afterwards thinking I was pregnant.
  12. First kiss 15 16 ?! tomboy so I barely cared LOL
    Losing Virginity 18 I lost it after I graduated high school. a promise to myself :]
  13. im subscribing to this thread just to wait for dudes response:hello:
  14. my first kiss and when i lost my virginity was almost a week apart.
    i was going on 12.

    and that was old considering my friends had already done all that.
  15. First kiss was 14

    Lost virginity at 19...could have lost it about 2 years earlier, but I was REALLY religious in HS At least that's over with (mostly).
  16. 1st kiss.. 7 or 8 yrs old? Hahaha, I remember the boy, my best friend at the time, telling me about some strange, special way of kissing called FRENCH KISSING but neither of us knew what that involved. Sure sounded cool.

    Real kiss? Like 11yrs old.

    Sex? 15 yrs old.
  17. First Kiss: 16
    Lost Virgininity: 18

    22 now

    I find it a little weird that about half the people here had sex before I got my first kiss.
  18. I feel the same way. Especially with the people having sex before they were 12 lol.
    First kiss- 16
    Sex- 18 senior year in highschool with some random hot college chick from my town who started messaging me on myspace and ended up riding me at her place the same day. Glad I wore a condom. My girlfriend isn't too happy I lost my virginity to some random ass college chick about a month before meeting her. Kinda bullshit how she's mad at me about losing my virginity when she lost hers when she was 15 but that's a different story.
  19. 12 or 13, lost virginity at 14.
  20. its kinda funny how this first kiss thread got on the when you first lost your v thread...whats even funnier is most of you claim it was before 15!!! no offence but i think if children keep having high and drunken sex that young, i think not only are they gonna have a hard time having a good relationship, let alone FINDING their mate once they realize they have to become child parents, but we in fact are going to keep becoming stupider as a human race...damn this thread is a sad realization...

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