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how old were you when you started

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zacandcody10, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. how old were you when you started and how did you start?
  2. 13, found dads stash with my mate lol.
  3. 13, got invited to the dealers house.
  4. 14, smoked it out of a waterbottle bong at a friends

    shittiest weed i've ever seen... now i wish i could get that high again.
  5. 12, friends older brother kept pushing it on me for a laugh :p

    didnt get into it till i was a bit older tho thankfully
  6. was the summer aftr 6th grade...
    Have smoked everyday since...
    I think I jus installed cancer..
  7. thirteen
  8. WEll its a safe bet..
    Most potheads started at 13..
  9. call me a herb enthusiast.

    Have fun being labelled a "pothead"

  10. 17 here....I was a late bloomer. Friends invited me out to help them with a local history project at an old graveyard. Tried it for the first time...didn't really get high. Smoked about 4 or 5 times after that...didn't get high...until this one day we had some White Widdow that I got off my cousin. I remember feeling a tingle in my upper spine, like a lit fuse...and it crept up my spine and into my head. my eyesight went out for a split second and came back in all at thing I knew, I was blazed and I remember look at them and going "guys...i think im baked"

    aaaahhhh good times. hard to believe that was 5 years ago
  11. 14. Does this really have to be in seasoned tokers?
  12. 16. Smoked my first bowl with my friend
  13. 13. A friend stole some of his mom's bud and brought it over. We smoked it out of a Pepsi can and I proceeded to laugh uncontrollably for about half an hour straight. That was about it.
  14. 16, smoked out of a water bottle in the middle of the woods and the man with the herb made me believe there was a werewolf on the loose.
  15. 18; medical reasons.

    Thank you, cannabis.:smoke:
  16. Not really into labels.. I just enjoy marijuana...
  17. 17, 12-16 is far too young
  18. ^^^
    That's only because you started at 17; if you had started at 12 you would have said 9-11 is too young.

    Anyways I started at 15, good times :smoke:
  19. i had smoked a couple times and not gotten high...

    but the first time i got really high, i smoked out of a pepsi can first, on ther beach, then a dock at a friends house, we got all blazed up, laughed for a long time, smoked more, went to the store, bought food, came back, and one of my friends was talked into smoking some "fire" weed, aka Captain Crunch from the cereal box. Any who, we laughed and passed out probably but it was the funniest smoke shesh ever.
  20. 16, pipe in a friend's garage was my first time. i got blazed

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