How old were you when you started?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinfresh, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. old were you when you took your very first hit of the ganja? I was almost 15...
  2. 12 was the first time i took a hit and the first time i got high
  3. i was 14 too.
  4. I was 13
  5. 13, not a regular smoker til 16 though
  6. shit i waz 10 then i quit at 12 then i started up like a year ago
  7. I started near the end of my freshman year, I had been 15 for probobly 3 months and have been a regular smoker since then pretty much.
  8. I've been pretty much a regular smoker since 14, when I first tried it.
  9. There's already a thread exactly like this in this same section :p :hello: .
  10. i was 15 and smoked a joint in skool with mates and i got mangled from a few passes of the joint but regular smoker since i was nearly 17
  11. I smoked once when I was 12, didn't get high until age 13
  12. Not quite.
  13. Your right.It must be in another section,I know I replied to a thread like this a couple days ago,just forgot where.Thanks though.
  14. First time I smoked I was 16, first time I got high was 17.
  15. It's about how old you were when you got your first stable amount of dealers.
  16. Started on 4/20 when I was 15. Didn't get hooked until 16.
  17. 14 in.... ...september I want to say? Near the begining of the school year if I remember. Maybe november. And who said stoners lost memory!
  18. well i think i was just turning 15 and ever since then man....

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