How old were you when you started smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by Atromatic, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. I was 11 when I first started smoking weed, and 15 when I first started smoking cigarettes. How old were you blades?

    Let's here it :smoke:
  2. 12.

    I know, I'm such a badass.
  3. Does it cont if you mom smoked when she was pregnant?
  4. Can't remember... i think i was 14 or 15... i'm 22 now.
  5. 18. Lol seems like im the only sensible one out of everyone. Smoked cigs long before tho. Finally just now kicking that Shit.

  6. You sir, are a genius :cool:
  7. 14 and 16. I started then quit, and then started again.

  8. I know what that's like.. :mad:
  9. This.
  10. didn't try til I was 19, didn't get high til I was 20
  11. I think I tried it first when I was 13 or 14, didn't do it too much until around 17 and had my shit together in life.
  12. I was 20 when I started smoking regularly.
  13. never did it until I was 21 tbh started helps with my aches and pains so now I do it daily
  14. Started a month before I turned 13
  15. i tried it at 12 started smoking regularly since the crispy age of 15 miss those days...
  16. 16 yeears old. It was My sophmore year in high school.

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