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How old were you when you started smoking the fine herb?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 8, 2003.


When did you start smoking grass?

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  2. 13

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  3. 14

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  4. 15

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  5. 16

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  6. 17

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  1. And for how long have you been smoking?
  2. i started at 14, maybe 15 when my mate gave me a free bag of weed, it was shit but got me stoned for my first time, since then ive graduated through solids and now im a proper skunk smoker!
  3. i was 13 , and its been 13yrs since i started.

    my dad smokes, so it was nothing new to me. the first time i smoked a joint was at a beach party and the boys were all smoking. i was the only girl smoking then, and i'm still the only girl smoking now.
  4. 15 and been doing it for 4 wonderful years. My brother hooked me up over Christmas vacation my sophomore year of high school.
  5. 20...a lot of my friends got high, but I was a swimmer & didn't want to smoke anything as long as I was competing...after I "retired" (Jr year), I was at a party & these 3 babes suggested that I step outside with them (it was an invitation not to be refused)...we were all dressed-up, standing on the sidewalk of a major road in downtown DC & one of them whipped a joint out of her purse...I decided that was a damn good opportunity to give it a was a number of years ago...I love to burn tha weed dat keeps us young!
  6. I was 15 my first time high. I'm 18 now, and still smoke.

  7. How old were you when you found out that your Dad got high? What was your reaction?
  8. been smoking since I was 12, young but eh :)

    been smoking since then.
  9. I was 15 my first time smoking.. My dad smoked with my brother,who is a year older than me, but he told my bro that if he ever found out I started smokin he would kick my brothers ass.. I guess he thought I'd only start if my brother got me into it... he was wrong... I've been smoking off and on for 6 years now...
  10. i was around 13 when i started smoking weed.
  11. I started smoking just before 16 after I was told that I could no longer run or skate because of ligament and cartilage damage. My father smoked, so being the typical teenager I was rather anti smoking (though I enjoyed tending the "garden") before that, insisting that it intefered with my health and goals of being an athlete. However I soon started skimming the harvest when any obligations to stay "clean" had gone and I realised that this plant could help with both the ache in my body and the ache in my mind.

    That's where my love affair with my green pal began. She has since taken me all over the place, our relationship hasn't been an easy one and we have split up on numerous occasions. Like all good relationships though, we have got through our troubles and are now inseperable.


    Authors note in case the Mrs reads over my shoulder... I'M TALKING ABOUT POT DEAREST.

  12. Now that would me sometinh funny to see. So wot ya waiting for ZIA let's see em ;)
  13. first started toking when i was about 15, 17 now
  14. 35- been 3 years now
  15. I was 11, close to 12 when I got high for the first time. It's actually a pretty funny story, but I don't feel like telling it again. Didn't start smoking/buying regularly until I was about 16.

    I'm 18 now.
  16. i was 16 when i started, soon thereafter i was buying regularly and i'm 18 now
  17. You meant 18 right shogun? Huh yeah? Yeaaah... That's right.. thought so. 7 and 8 are pretty close together huh..
  18. First time I was 16. It was total ragweed though. It turned me off the Ganja for 4 years after that. Then I got the good stuff. It was LOVE at first toke.. HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. remember the day it happened, walked down stairs and saw my bro holding something and i asked whats that...he was like whats what?? so after a bunch of bsing he smoked me down and i have been smoking ever since...o ya, i was 13 about 1/2 way through freshman year

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