How old were you when you started growing weed

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  1. I was 13 when I started, bought a lil 2 net pot hydro set up off eBay and grew some dank shit with hella cfls in my shed lol I eventually wised up and bought 1000 watt. So how old were you?

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  2. I was 50 y/o. It's a very addictive hobby. 

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  3. Who was willing to buy you hydro equipment at 13? You obviously wouldn't be able to get a credit card, or use paypal.  I call bullshit.
  4. 20 but my fiancé won't let me in are current place wants to Wait till we live sum place nicer

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  5. If what you just said is true then you have got to be the most fucked person I have ever come across online.
    And that a pretty big deal cuz I have came across some pretty fucked up peoples in my time.
  6. 5 in a half. Im straight gangsta 
  7. My parents were bikers, they would take off and id raise hell.
    They let me grow when I was 12. By 17 I grew some damn big crops.
  8. Hahaha the guy is a demon for growing at 13?? I just saw a video on Facebook of a kid probably 8 years old doing coke being encouraged by adults
  9. Dont believe a word of it!

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  10. When I was 15, I planted some 2 bag seeds (lol seeds) in the ground by a river. I rode my bike down every few days and gave them water. They sprouted, and started to grow bud.
    The day I went to harvest, I saw it had been dug up, and there was a bunch of litter from someone's party spot.
  11. About 15 indoor grow planted over 10 but harvested just one as I didnt have the setup to properly nurture 10 plants.
  12. I grew briefly in junior high in San Diego but moved before I can learn anything besides topping and generations that was fifteen years ago and I just started in 2012 winter 2013 spring all alone it's not really that fun people are treating me very badly.
  13. how am I fucked up?

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  14. my mom let me use her eBay to buy the little starter hydro kit . It wasn't hard

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    What's unbelievable?

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  15. my first grow I was like 21 and grew some bag seed with my dad under one of those huge shop mh lights...wasnt too shabby
  16. that's just part of the learning process like I thought I could just watch everyone else's grows and know exactly what to do but that wasn't the case because you really have to get a feel for the plant and how it reacts and the only way u can is by trial an error.. I remember this one time I had like 15 seed in solo cups and like 4 clones in 3 gals an one day I got really pissed and cutt all of them down for no reason. Growing can be very stressful lol

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  17. same here 13 -14 -15 most my shit was premie and no Bueno due to my impatience and growing conditions but after that once I got everything dialed in I was growing some fiyah.. Nowadays tho all I ever do is a few outdoors every year because imo growing indo just ain't worth it for me

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    oh ya? Well I dropped out of school at the age of three because all the teachers were Tryna playa hate on me

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