how old were you when you last ate at lunchables?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. when was the last time you had a lunchables meal
  2. Haha I was still a teenager. I actually considered getting them for munchies last week but figured I'd need like 10 if I'm high. Why are they called lunchables? It's a snack not a lunch...
  3. I had one like 3 weeks ago. Yea. Drunk munchies.
  4. ...a month ago

    i was never allowed to have them as a kid. so i'm making up for lost time.

  5. hah nice. they're good as fuck imo
  6. Probably like 13, those pizza ones tasted pretty awesome
  7. Yesterday. I have 4 kids. :laughing:
  8. This thread makes me want to go eat that shitty food again.

  9. *gasp*
  10. i have to go get cigs in a few and now i'm seriously thinking of picking up a lunchable while there.

    fuck youuuuuu :p
  11. probably like 20
  12. idk like 10-12 maybe

    pizzables were fucking sick too
  13. I gave em up when I turned 30. Now I just eat raisin bran and shit.
  14. i eat those boxes of gold regularly. im just pissed they dont make mega packs anymore
  15. Today.

    Like an hour ago hahaha

    Lunchables pizzas are the bomb yo
  16. Nobody agrees that lunchables are snacks not a meal? What the fuck. I must be a freak :(

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