How old were you when you first tried any drug?

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  1. :rolleyes:
    surprised you didn't get serotonin syndrome..
    you should NOT combine those 2 drugs
  2. Damn:confused:.....I was 4 had a terrible cough,and was given some cough syrup
  3. Man I was a late bloomer lol, 16 when I first smoked weed, 17 when I first got drunk. 19 when I first did opiates and I fell in love with them.
  4. I was 12 when i started smoking weed and drinking...
  5. 14 - alcohol
    14- weeeeeed
    15- Ecstasy, acid , shrooms
    16th brithday tryd Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds ( LSA )
    only done mj since my 16th, decided to give harder drugs a break and re-think my lifestyyle :smoke:
  6. Was 19 when I first tasted the bliss of weed. Was at University at the time, so it was a pretty conscious decision.

    Alcohol, the first time I was drunk, I think I was 15 or 16. It's a long time since, anyways, I was in 9th grade.

    Tobacco when I was 17, and ended up hooked. What a mistake.

    Tried amphetamine once, at an after-hours party when I was, umm, 21 or 22. Not sure. Didn't do much for me, like drinking vast amounts of coffee, though somewhat more euphoric. Never done it since and never will.

    And that's about it.

    Now it's beer, sometimes wine, never booze unless offered and alternatives do not exist. And weed ofcourse.

    And tobacco, but I intend to quit that, unlike beer and weed :)
  7. Hmm I first tried drinking when i was like 11, no big deal here at all.
    first blaze at 12 with a friends older brother.
    drinking every weekend when I was 14-17
    blazed everyday when I was 15-18
    In the period of 15-18 I was a highschool dropout so tried pretty much every drug under the sun in that time. even shit that was rare and no one knew, I knew from the internet.

    I clicked with opiates when I was 16, but weed was still very much my thing at the time. I got kinda sick of weed, it just wouldn't give me the same, nice buzz.
    Tried IVing when I was 17, its been my favourite since.
    I smoke fuck all pot nowadays, I dont regret a thing though
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    17 - Alcohol
    18 - Weed, Opiates
    19 - MDMA
    20 - Salvia, Benzos and a variety of other pills
    21 - Acid, Mushrooms, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Nitrous, Hippie and Candyflipping

    Wow, im a late bloomer :D I've tried everything I will probably ever do except for DMT and Robotrip. I rarely ever do pills and I wont ever do coke again, way overrated and overpriced. Not worth it at all.

    <3 Candyflipping
  9. 18 alcahol
    19 mj
    21 coke
    22 shrooms, mdma
  10. My parents gave me permissoin to smoke pot when I was 13. They would rather have me at home where I would be safe. I had a basement with pool table , weight bench and weights. Music and fridge for beer. Couches. It was nice. But it was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. That really set the ball rollin for a life of hell.I wish they had been more strict. I had a sister that was 3 years younger. She could not do anythin I did. Go figure.I was probally 11 when I smoked pot.
  11. I wish I smoked pot with your family back at that age.
    beats the luxury of stealth
  12. Lol talk about a late bloomer I was 19 when I first got high and 21 when I first got drunk. Im 22 now and tried about everything you can think of. Lol I like playing catch up and going after everything real hard. Go big or go home is the motto my friends all know me for. I like to push myself over the edge. Hoping to eat a qtr of some banging shrooms with a buddy later in the week. Should be fun.

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