How old were you when you first tried any drug?

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  1. wonder whats in store for you next ;)

    My dad would offer me light beers every now and then when i was 8 or 10. not sure if i got drunk though
  2. i was tricked into taking acid when i was twelve by a so-called priest... turns out that i lost all faith in mormonism that day because i found god for real. then i forgot about god when i got into smoking. when i was sixteen i finally tried dxm and then i became a lifelong christian. to this day i don't regret trying acid first but it was still too trippy to handle on an empty stomach. is it normal to dry heave on acid?

    and would you guys recommend i give it another try?
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    id hit my friends bowls of weed in 7th grade (never got high tho, just hit it like once or twice to get them to shut up)

    i was stealin alcohol from my dads stash in 6th-7th grade

    i started really doing drugs(recreationally) in 9th grade tho

    i had access to drugs for a LONG time before i tried any(like for real)
  4. well at 16 I started with benzos, opiates, pot, then salvia, PCP, nitrous oxide, shrooms, MDMA

    17- LSD, hippie flipped, candy flipped, DXM, robo flipped, kratom

    And at 18 have yet yo do anything new yet -_-...lame. Lookin into some reasearch chemicals and wanna try mescalaine and DMT, doves, lsa, and mabey some other benzos:DDD

    mabey dmt and ecstasy... :O
  5. I started drinking at 11.
  6. what in the name of fuck is a dove?
  7. Starting smoking weed at 12

    DXM at 13

    Mushrooms and acid at 15

    Everything else soon after
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    Amen man. I was a caffeine junkie from 4-12 years old fasho.

    Boozed for the first time at around 12. Quitted shortly after.

    [/B]Started smokin' endo during finals week of freshman year in high school.

    Amphetamines as a 16 year old.

    edit: Almost forgot sally-d during sophomore year at high school.
  9. Hmmmmm, think......

    16 was the first time I was drunk I think, and pretty much the first time I smoked.

    I smoked a cigarette at 15, didnt inhale, wanted to be like the Sopranos.
  10. Like, nine for alchohol. I live in an Italian household and it's easily accepted to get shitfaced with the family at weddings (not at nine but I know those reading understand what I'm getting at)

    Sixteen was legit the first time I got fucked up off both alchohol and weed as well as both at the same time (I was sixteen and a half when I tried weed for the first time yet before that I'd drink every weekend with friends).
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    pill( barz percs,OC 40, roxies/blues-17/18
    anything with needles:never will
  12. what the fuck kind of drug is needles? heroin>

  13. imeant anything involves needs im not down for. dorry im barrd out man gimem break
  14. I went to silver falls state park with my parents and a friend when I was like 9. We both drank some jack. I took one huge swig that was multiple gulps. We were riding our bikes around on the trails all swerving around and laughing and such.

  15. you didnt come right out and say it, but i think your underage
  16. 12 - Alcohol
    12 - Tobacco
    14/15 - Marijuana
    15 to 20 - Quite a few.
    And the journey continues...
  17. Drank my first beer at 4 or 5. Didn't try anything harder until I was 19 or so.
  18. I got drunk when I was like, 12 or something :x

    I didn't smoke weed until I was 15, but by 2 months later I'd gotten into coke and E and a few scripts.
  19. I went to the beach with my older sister and her friends when I was 12. Her BF gave me some tea too drink and I have never had so much fun puking in my life. God I miss shrooms ;-(
  20. Naww, if his story is accurate he could also be 18, or 17 depending on his birthday. He did put himself as 18 so I guess you're going to have to trust him haha.

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