How old were you when you first tried any drug?

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  1. How old were you guys and what was the story of the first time you did any drug? TOBACCO DOSENT COUNT

    I was 13- it was the 4th of july, my buddy had some orange kush one of the kids in the grade above us gave to him. We made an apple bong with like 2 other kids, watched the fireworks and had a hell of a night.
  2. Does alcohol count?

  3. yep, anything that fucks you up :smoke:
  4. Sweet. Well for me, the first time I got drunk I was probably 13 or 14, don't even remember the specific occurrence. I didn't first smoke pot until I was 15 or 16, but didn't take to it right away.
  5. 15, Beggining of my sophmore year.

    I mean I'd drank a little before that, but nothing to the point of being fucked up.
  6. Got drunk at 13, got high at 14 A LOT. I smoked a shitload as a 14 year old, LOL.
  7. I smoke a blunt with some gangster when i was 12.

    The put a fucking seed in there.
  8. I got high when i was 13,and tried alcohol before that,got fucked up a couple of times,but started smoking daily when i was 14
  9. 4 or so, not knowingly of course. My cousin and I were in my Grandma's room and decided to eat a bunch of her pills. I'm not sure what our goal was, maybe we thought they were candy?

    Other than that, I would say about 14 was when I first got shitfaced.
  10. First got drunk at a halowwen party when i was 12. Also smoked weed there for the first time. First time evr doing drugs i got twisted lol. Then in 7th grade i was like what 13? and i drank every weekend and blazed occasinally. Almost got expelled for selling fireworks at school. Ended up hanging with new kids and didnt blaze till 9th grade. Ive blazed just about everysingle day for the past 3 years give or take 6-7 thx breaks. And once when i got sent to juvy for selling sacks
  11. I snorted half an roxi 30 when I was 13.
  12. Got stoned with my old man for the first time when I was 12. I think I was around 9 when I first got really pissed on booze , Haha.
  13. 12 with my dad on some weed
  14. I drank a soda when I was like 4 years old. That shit got me sped like a mofo.
  15. 16 was the first time I smoked weed and cigarettes.

    17 was the first time I drank, did opiates, tried legal highs and ecstasy.

    18 was the first time I tripped on shrooms, rolled off mdma, did salvia.

    And so far at 19, the only thing knew Ive tried is benzos.
  16. Smoked cigs at about 8 years old for about a year and a half or so.

    Tried beer foam idk at around 7-8?

    Got drunk from 1 big beer that I split with a friend around age 8-9 or so, can't remember for sure.
  17. I smoked for the first time when I was 13, the summer after 8th grade. :smoke:
  18. fell into the BAD crowd at 12, i lived in projects, kids were getting high on shit like meth at 13, my friend tripped on acid when he was 13, i just drank alot, never really gave into the peer pressure to try anything harder.... then i moved and soon after finding out my [former] best friend was hit by a car while high, i stopped drugs until 15 then realized drugs are only bad if you cant handle them and hit up some dro:smoke: moved to opiates :wave: then just went for the big win and tried acid just recently (current age: 19):hello::hello: yet to have a roll though :(
    sorry for the wall of text
  19. Alcohol at 13 and bud at 14. opiates at 16 and so on...
  20. Alcohol/MJ summer after Freshman year high school. 14 or 15.

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