How old were you when you first started..

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  1. I started when I was 13. During the summer I went back to my hometown in Southern California and my friend introduced it to me it was weird at first but it felt good.

  2. Same here :)
  3. Fourteen. 8th grade.

    Lil young fucker.
  4. My 19th birthday. I was geekin so hard
  5. First smoked when i was 13, didnt start smoking regularly til 14/15.
  6. i had just turned 16, tenth grade. was a daily smoker by that summer
  7. I was 17, kinda late for teens around my area.
  8. I was 31. No joke.
  9. 16 at my friends house. Used a vape for my first time and watched paranormal activity haha good times
  10. I started drinking smoking and doing a cocktail of drugs before I was born; thanks mom.
  11. 18, just right :smoking:
  12. a month after i turned 16
  13. First time smoking I was 11. Smoking daily started when I was 14.
  14. I started when i was 14, back when i would always ask money for the movies but instead just get high as fuck with it haha i feel so bad now
  15. I was only twelve

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